Christian Saenz: bright future ahead

The tenth and final stop of the 2009-10 Southwest Conference Open Season wrapped up at Huntington Beach Pier on May 1-2 in fun and rippable chest high peaks. Reigning West Coast Champion Luke Davis from Capo Beach, showed his savvy of HB Pier’s peaks and infamous reform sections as if it was his own home break.

Recently coming off a big runner-up performance at the ASP Pro Junior at the pier a few weeks ago, Davis surfed the southside lineup sticking blow-tails and lightning quick air reverses with beautiful technique and form. The win was his second of the season and now he will turn his focus on defending his Regional title with the West Coast Championships coming up May 19-23 at HB Pier.

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ISA Surfing Masters: years of riding knowledge

The venue for the planet’s greatest event in Masters Surfing, the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship (WMSC) has been named.

The perfect waves of Santa Catalina, on the north Pacific coast of Panama will see the best over 35 year-old surfers from all over the world from August 29 to September 5.

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Ryan Payne: he has a deal with Xcel to win all contests

Local favorite and 2009 winner Ryan Payne has emerged victorious once again at the Xcel Pro Showdown At Supertubes.

In near-perfect 6'-8' Supers walls and barrels, Payne took his second victory in a row, defeating goofy-footer Remi Peterson in the man-on-man final.

"Thanks very much to Xcel and everyone involved in this contest," said Payne on the beach his win. "It's definitely the best event I've ever surfed in, and it will be for the rest of my life."

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