Shane Simmonds: star of the Makka Pro

With just under a month to go, preparations for the JSA/CSN/WAPSS Makka Pro are all on track says JSA President Billy Wilmot.

“Things are looking bright with top pros from around the region and from as far away as the US west coast, Trinidad and Barbados already confirming their participation in Jamaica’s biggest Pro surfing event.

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Storm Surfers: we know these guys...

The Storm Surfers mission is to use the science of storm forecasting to track and hunt the storm front that will produce the biggest swells in the world.

But they won’t go unless it’s 20 ft plus. New Zealand is the sequel to the highly successful "Storm Surfers - Dangerous Banks" and premieres soon on July 14th on Discovery Channel.

This time big wave surfing legends Ross Clarke-Jones and two time world champion Tom Carroll will be hunting waves off the South Island of New Zealand.

They are aiming to test new GPS and impact technologies and to work up new designs of their boards with advanced wave testing. And of course there will be the usual antics.

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Julien Fillion: even the sea gull is scared

Julien Fillion and Corran Addisson have surfed "Heavy D", one of the gnarliest river waves in the world.

"Heavy D" is located on the river of the city of Ottawa, in Canada. Also known as "The Ruins", this is a popular spot for kayakers and canoeists, as the rapids flow strong and fast.

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