Jason Torres: a prodigy

In the penultimate date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010, Jason Torres of Jaco conquered the gold in the Torneo Britt Iced 4-star contest this past weekend and added 1,500 points to his ranking tally. Surfing in the waves of Guiones the national runner-up killed it in the finals from the beginning and with this is now solidly in the fight for the National Title coming up in the Gran Finals in June.

The waves were at 2 meters, and breaking perfect from around 10 a.m., with the tide backed down, and the wind was good, and it was at this moment that the finals on Sunday blazed before 800 people who came out for the Torneo Britt Iced’s second day. Torres’ heat also featured Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos, Gilbert Brown of Puerto Viejo—who made it to the podium for the second time this year—and Antony Seguro of Esterillos.

As is the custom of Torres, he began strong, this time with a right where he took advantage of each section. The judges gave him a 7.17. Hardly 2 minutes later, he would return to the starting place of that right, and obtain something unique—a tube in 1.5 meters which he opted in with depth and length going left until that wave opened to him so he could put in two more maneuvers which showed his load of motivation. The judges gave the verdict of 8.57 for a total combination of 15.74, his highest score of the event, and one that Torres’ opponents had little chance of surpassing in the remaining 15 minutes. 

“The truth is I did not have faith in that tube; I did not think that I was going to leave it clean. I saw the exit and thanks to the fact that I brought speed, I managed to make it outside. Soon the wave opened to me and I did not think twice to beat it more and to make good points,” said Torres after the finals. 

The best attempts to reach Torres came when Brown put 6.33 on the scoreboard, and then finished the series with another wave of 6.27. Nevertheless, Jason forced his remaining competitors to surpass a total of 15.74, requiring at least a 9 point wave to beat him. That’s something Muñoz and Seguro never managed. Practically floating the remaining ¾ of the finals, Jason left the water before the heat even finished.

“When I participate, it’s because I set out to win and for that reason right now I am happy. Nevertheless, the Championship was never my first priority. But now, I am going to the Gran Finals in Playa Hermosa and try to be the National Champion. Luis (Vindas) is strong, but I will give everything to it,” Torres added.

With the inclusion of Jason Torres and Carlos Muñoz in this weekend’s finals, they are now both in a position to put pressure on Luis Vindas, the ranking leader who left Nosara with a bad result.

The best combination of the date was the work of Jason in the end and the best wave of Muñoz was 9.33 after completing an Ollie Up and a Superman, maneuvers that would give him the second highest points of the season as a competitor. Matias Braun of Montezuma took 1st place in a previous date.

The Caribbean surfer Nataly Bernold won in Guiones and with this it returns the tension for the title that now will now be defined in Playa Hermosa. In 2 meter waves that Lisbeth Vindas usually dominates, it became the news of this event that Bernold added her second victory over Lisbeth at a Circuito Nacional de Surf date this year. It will now come down to Bernold winning Vindas in the Gran Finals in Playa Hermosa, if possible, to get the title.

“I trained a lot in this type of wave before this date because I knew it was going to be great and that was what gave me the security to win this date. That was my goal,” expressed Nataly.

Clever Anthony Fillingim of Malpais won the Junior series this weekend, beating an inspired Carlos Muñoz who came in 2nd place. Both Anthony and Carlos are both in the running for the National Junior Championship and it will all come down to who wins in the Gran Finals in Playa Hermosa.

The Gran Finals date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 will take place at La Curva on June 25, 26, and 27.

The Circuito National de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 is sponsored by: DayStar Properties, LimeCoral Apparel Company, Red Bull, 911 Groovy Radio, Quiksilver, Britt Iced, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Mango Skate & Surf, Banzaii Surfboards, Carton Surfboard, Odessa Clothing, Ibarquero Design and Surfos Magazine.

Jason Torres 15,74
Gilberth Brown 12,60
Anthony Segura 10,24
Carlos Muñoz 7,30

Nataly Bernold 10,24
Lisbeth Vindas 9,07
Jordan Hundley 4,10
Kristel Stanley 3,93

Anthony Fillingim 12,37
Carlos Muñoz 10,33
Jordan Hernández 8,64
José Calderón 6,06

Elisa Bonomelli 5,23
Leilani McGonagle 4,94
Kristel Stanley 1,17

Noemar McGonagle 11,06
Eliha Guy 8,67
Alberto Muñoz 8,67
Darío Menéndez 7,44

Kevin Montiel 12,34
Noemar McGonagle 8,00
León Glatzer Williams 4,86
Juan Carlos Hernández 3,83

Paula Duarte 14,83
Leilani McGonagle 6,44
Selena Moberly 5,70
Tania González 4,93

Sean Forrester 9,07
Storm Van Timmeren 6,67
Leonardo Calvo 5,50
Eduardo Venegas 4,92

Leilani McGonagle 9,00
Paula Duarte 6,50
Arisha Grioti 5,87
Emily Gussoni 5,33

Diego Naranjo 13,00
Cristian Santamaría 12,67
Anthony Flores 5,66
Adolfo Gómez 5,33

Alejandro Vaca 8,33
Maykol Salazar 8,10
Esteban Venegas 7,10
Jonah Sam Young 3,80

Craig Schieber 13,04
Carlos Velarde 10,10
Adolfo Gómez 8,13
Tyler Marsh 4,67

Craig Schieber 10,27
Carlos Velarde 10,14
Steve Reyes 6,37

Cristian Merello: heavy charger

Xcel's Chilean charger Cristian Merello has won the Quiksilver Ceremonial Big Wave Invitational in 30' Punta de Lobos, Chile.

The goofy-foot Merello, 27, took advantage of the heavy lefts with patience and commitment, finding the biggest and best waves as sets built from the early morning and peaked in the 6-man finals.

Dedicating his win to his mother, who is battling cancer, and to the local Pichilemu community, Merello's determination and local knowledge won the day. Watch the amazing video of the finals.

"My strategy was to sit as deep as possible and wait for the biggest waves," Merello explained. "I felt so comfortable out there, and I've surfed that board so many times at this spot that I knew what to do and did my best."

With his Punta de Lobos win, Merello receives $10,000 and currently leads the 2010-2011 Big Wave World Tour.

Xcel's Greg Long (USA) - winner of the recent Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Waimea Bay Invitational - joined Merello in the all-star final heat, which also included Gabriel Villaran (Peru), Peter Mel (USA), Jamie Sterling (Hawaii), and Mark Healey (Hawaii).

All 24 competing surfers donated a total of $15,000 to the local fishermen of Chile who lost their homes during the February 8.8 earthquake and tsunami.

"[My win] was for me... for my mother, and the entire community," Merello added. "We've all been through a lot."

Aritz Aranburu: uau, great score

On the decisive heat of the event, Aritz Aranburu took two regular waves to claim the title of Maresia Surf International 2010 in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The Brazilian Rodrigo Dornelles was second place, finalized the 12.67 x 6.67 points in the good waves at Mole Beach in Sunday.

"I'm so happy. It was a very good event for me, we had some pretty hard days and today everything went right to me," said Aritz Aranburu, who jumped from 60th to the 35th place on the newASP World Rankings. "Unfortunately, we could not get good waves in the final, I did not surf my best, but that was good enough to win. Rodrigo (Dornelles) is a great surfer and was a pleasure to make the final against him. It's great to win here in Brazil."

Rodrigo Dornelles chose to surf on the lefthander, while the surfer from the Basque Country decided for the right. The first wave was just on the regular range for Aritz Aranburu, who scored 5.67. Dornelles risking everything on the waves, but always missing the second maneuver. Aranburu confirming the win in his last wave, when he got a 7.00 pts ride to close the scoring heat in 12.67 x 6.67 points.

"I felt myself lucky during all competition, just lost that feeling now in the final. Even so, I can not complain, but really wish to have won the event," said Rodrigo Dornelles, which built up from 59th position 76.a for the ASP World Ranking.

"At this heat my opponent was the ocean. I could not do anything else even one turn in any single wave. The only one I could have done better, falling just because I everything in a very strong move and the board took off, so it was not for myself. Okay, I'm happy to make a final heat again," said Dornelles.


1 - Aritz Aranburu (EUK) 12.67
2 - Rodrigo Dornelles (BRA) 6.67