Big Wave Surf Film Festival 

From the spirit of Jay Moriarity to women’s surfing to the powerful presence of Greg Noll, surfing fans are in for a treat June 17-20 when the first annual Half Moon Bay Big-Wave Surfing Film Festival takes place at the Oceano Hotel in Princeton Harbor. Just a stone’s throw away from the Big Wave Surfing Mecca known as Maverick’s. The Bull (Greg Noll), the legendary big-wave pioneer, will be on the red carpet Wednesday night and introducing his film, “Search For Surf,” Greg teamed up with storied filmmaker Bruce Brown to document their experiences in California and Hawaii during the early years of the sport.

“What a great way to open an event like this, with one of the sport's most legendary and inspirational icons. Greg is everyone's hero, and a classic character,” said Grant Washburn, Maverick's Surfer and Event Organizer.

The following night will be a tribute to the late Jay Moriarity, who died on a free-diving expedition off the coast of India in 2001. Moriarity was one of the best surfers ever to ride Maverick’s, and is held close to the hearts of the surfing community. The featured films that Thursday night will be “Whipped” and “Ride On,” each produced by Eric Nelson and Curt Myers of Powerlines Productions.


Surfing will be part of the 17th Bolivarian Games for the first time

The Bolivarian Sports Organization (ODEBO, Organizacion Deportiva Bolivariana), organizer of the Bolivarian Games, the regional multi-sport event held in honor of Simón Bolívar, announced it will include surfing as an official sport in the 17th Edition of the Games.

Scheduled for September 12 – 14, 2009, a highlight of the Bolivarian Games is the fact that it will be happening simultaneously in three countries. The center of the Games will be held in Sucre, Bolivia, with additional sporting events being held in Peru.  The waves of La FAE beach in Salinas, Ecuador, home of the 2009 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship were selected to host the international surfing event.  Participating countries will include Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

ODEBO is an International Sports Organization in Latin America.  Each surfer competing in the event will do so as a part of their National team under the organization of their respective National Olympic Committee.


Rip Curl Go Surfing Day 2009 

Plenty of girls and waves show up in force for the Rip Curl Girls Go Surfing Day presented by Clean and Clear

Double Six Beach, Bali, Indonesia – How do you put an end to a stubborn flat spell? Gather a small army of eager women surfers on the beach and simply watch the waves roll in.

Nearly 100 women surfers showed up Sunday at Bali’s Double Six Beach for RipCurl’s sixth annual Girls Go Surfing Day, and the waves followed suit. Clean, 3-to-4 foot lines from a building swell graced the beach all day, bringing relief to local surfers after going five straight days without a swell and smiles to everyone on hand for Girls Go Surfing Day.

Over the past 15 years, the global learn-to-surf program has helped hundreds of women develop the skills and confidence to ride the waves, with events held in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, the United States and Europe. This year’s event in Bali, sponsored by Clean & Clear, more than accomplished its goal of “promoting the health and well-being of the female youth in Indonesia.”

Women surfers as young as eight and as old as 60 received top notch instruction from the certified instructors at the Rip Curl School of Surf and took pointers from Rip Curl team riders, including Diah Rahayu (Seminyak), Nyoman Satri (Kuta) and Alisa Mertens (Holland). RipCurl male team riders Garut Widiarta (Kuta), Mega Semadhi (Uluwatu), Gobleg Suyadya (Uluwatu) and Pepen Hendrik (Kuta) also turned out to show their support and hang with the girls.