Thiago Camarao: surfing small waves is not easy | Photo: Poullenot/WSL

Thiago Camarao and Chelsea Tuach have conquered the 2015 Pantin Classic Galicia Pro, in Spain.

Camarao defeated fellow countryman Deivid Silva in the 35-minute final held in the small one-to-two-foot surf at Pantin, near Ferrol. A 7.83 righthander was critical to deciding the winner of the event.

"It's amazing, it's my first final on the QS, and it feels really good. I believed in me and my chances all contest. All the other guys were ripping, and I really had to keep my focus and stay positive and motivated," explains Thiago Camarao.

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S-Wings: long and flexible

S-Wings is an innovative new fin technology designed and developed in Guéthary, the southwest of France.

The brand offers unusual surf fins with different sizes and multiple flex ratios. Are you looking for extra speed on your turns? Need more drive down the line?

The French brand is developing fins with very long tips and winglets for single, twin, quad and five-fin setups. S-Wings produced its range of fins inspired by the concept of biomimetics, that is, imitating models and solutions given by Nature.

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SUP Armada: 264 riders at Queen Mother Reservoir | Photo: SUP Armada

The SUP Armada has set a new Guinness World Record, at Queen Mother Reservoir, in England.

Up to 264 stand-up paddleboarders of all ages completed the mandatory one-mile course in three hours and broke the record by ten participants, previously set on Hayling Island, in 2014.

The event also supported three charities - the Snow-Camp, the Andrew Simpson Foundation and The Big Stand. The organization is planning a bigger and better SUP weekend for 2016.

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