Ross Clarke-Jones: the weight of the world over his shoulders | Photo: Storm Surfers

How big is the largest wave you've ever surfed? If you're proud of a wave's height, it's time to take a look at the weight of the waves you can't escape.

Getting pounded. We know how it hurts. Whether we get caught on the inside or we miss an unexpected wave set, it's always tough to feel the weight of the salted water on our head and back.

When a wave breaks, it loses part of its energy. But until then, those liquid curtains will not wait for the rider's lucky escape, in order to fall over the flats. It's heavy stuff, no doubt about that.


Surf leashes: we only remember them when something goes wrong | Photo: Neerav Bhatt

Are surf leashes a matter of style or safety? When surfers are hit by loose surfboards, the debate on using leg ropes arises again. There is only one way, though. Use it.

Longboarders tend to embed the spirit of "ropeless riding" in their DNA. It's cool, it's traditional, it's pure and it's trendy. Let's take a look at what they usually say about surf leashes:


Sofia Mulanovich: the title was too big to fit in the picture

Sofia Mulanovich has conquered the 2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro, in San Bartolo, Peru.

Mulanovich defeated Anali Gomez, the 2013 event winner, in an all Peruvian final. The former world surfing champion collects 1000 points and 7000 dollars for the victory.

"I'm so happy to have won this contest, but I knew that I couldn't celebrate until the end of the heat because Anali surfs incredibly", explains Mulanovich.