Carlos Burle: it didn't impress Billabong XXL | Photo: Tó Mané

The nominees for the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards have been announced. Apparently, we live in an Anglophone world.

Grant Baker, Shane Dorian, Billy Kemper, Greg Long, and Shaun Walsh have been nominated for "Ride of the Year". Surprisingly, there is not a single European wave in the most important category, despite the extraordinary winter stunts captured in Nazaré, Mullaghmore Head and Belharra.

This year all five nominees are paddle-in waves, reflecting the sport's general trend toward its traditional approach, with three rides taking place at Jaws, one at Dungeons, and another one in Puerto Escondido.


Kelly Slater: getting barreled in 1996 | Photo: Quiksilver

Kelly Slater is leaving Quiksilver after more than 23 years of relationship.

The 11-time world surfing champion has announced his departure from Quiksilver after a long relationship with the company headquartered in Huntington Beach.

"They've supported me through good times and bad, personal hardships and competitive triumphs, and never wavered in backing my choices and desires in all that time," explains Slater.


University of Surfing: opens in La Jolla in September 2014

The new University of Surfing will open in La Jolla, California, in September 2014.

It's one of the most kept secrets in the history of American higher education. The future University of Surfing will be presented as the most complete and comprehensive studies in the sport of wave riding.

There are nearly 2.5 million surfers in the USA. The North American nation has well established roots in surfing, and California is one of the surf riding capitals of the world. The equation puts San Diego in the map of academic surfing degrees.