V.360: a 360-degree surf camera

The V.360 is a sports action camera that will allow you to capture 360-degree videos and high-resolution panoramic photographs inside the barrel.

The world is changing; surfing is evolving. The V.360 surf gadget (56mm x 101.8mm) promises yet another revolution in the way we capture ourselves in the waves and takes point-of-view shots to a whole new dimension.

You will be able to confirm your own expression when a perfect barrel suddenly closes out, and the ride of our life transforms into the worst wipeout of the year.

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Sponsors: more stickers, more responsabilities | Photo: Quiksilver/ASP

Becoming a sponsored surfer is a hard-fought battle. There are thousands of aspiring pro surfers that may very well perform better than you, so the road's tough. Nevertheless, if you tick on some our guidelines, chances of getting companies behind your back will likely increase.

Brand managers are looking for awareness, awareness and awareness. As a result, surf industry companies seek 360-degree athletes. It's all not all about surfing, you know. There many intangible variables in the sponsorship equation.

The goal of a brand is to sell products and services. Sponsoring a surfer is investing in an ambassador, in someone who is able to commercially promote the company he represents.

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Keala Kennelly: punk's not dead | Photo: WSL

Keala Kennelly has taken out the Surf N Sea Pipeline Women's Pro 2015, at Pipeline.

The iconic surfer from Kauai dominated the double overhead barrels on offer in the competition. In the final, Kennelly defeated Honolua Blomfield, Melanie Bartels and Moana Jones.

Kennelly opted to move further west toward Off The Wall, during the 35-minute final. The strategy paid off. The big wave charger completed high-risk vertical turns and critical closeout maneuvers to steal the hearts of the judges.

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