FCS II Neo Glass: very 1980s

FCS has announced the release of Neo Glass, a new fibreglass fin.

The FCS II Neo Glass fins are manufactured using 50% long strand milled fiberglass and the highest grade industrial nylon available.

The surf fin company says the material is light and stiff, which allows you to push hard against your fins and control your turns, even in the most critical of situations.


Stephanie In The Water: showing us her new home

"Stephanie In The Water" is an intimate portrait of Gilmore's surfing career. The film dissects the good and bad moments in the life of the Australian star.

She needs no introduction. Those who follow professional surfing have seen how she glides over salted waters. Stephanie Gilmore's unique style has been translated into five world surfing titles.

She started conquering the globe at 17, and completely dominated the sport for four years until a violent turn of events abruptly ended her winning streak. Gilmore was stabbed by a lunatic man on her doorstep.


Taylor Knox: riding the MR twin-fin formula

Taylor Knox stole the Twin-Fin Round of the 2014 Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy, at Sultan's Point.

The Californian surfer managed to come from behind after falling on a potentially high scoring ride just before Dave Rastovich locked in a heat high 9.70 wave score at the ten-minute mark.

"I was getting so frustrated after I fell on that big one. It was such a good wave, but I knew I was surfing good and the board was looking great and that I could get the score if the waves came to me," explained Knox.