Living Rivers: a different way of surfing | Still: Max Lowe Media

"Living Rivers" is a short documentary about surfers and their role in the many unique river cultures of the American West.

In a way, the film directed by Max Lowe reminds us of how surfing has drastically evolved in the 21st century. You don't need an ocean anymore. Surfers are where moving waters are.

In Montana, Wyoming and Idaho you will meet enthusiastic surfers who check wave conditions through a rather different prism. Is there too much garbage in the water? Has it rained too much?

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Bino Lopes: too shy to show his face | Photo: Masurel/WSL

Bino Lopes and Pauline Ado have conquered the inaugural Pro Anglet 2015, at Chambre d'Amour, in Anglet, France.

The Brazilian surfer defeated Andy Criere in the men's final, held in two-to-three-foot A-frame waves. Bino opened his account with a strong 8.17 and backed it up with a 9.40 for a collection of vertical backside snaps.

"I'm over the moon; I can't even describe the feeling. I feel so lucky to have had the best waves in the semis and final, cause I matched with the top guys, and they were really tough heats," expressed Bino Lopes.

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Surf resuscitation: training can save lives | Photo: EASD

The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) promises to run the world's largest drowning resuscitation workshop during the 4th Annual Surfing Medicine Conference, scheduled between September 29th and October 2nd, in Anglet and Biarritz, France.

The ambassadors of health in the ocean will share knowledge about drowning, breath holding physiology, injury prevention, skin cancer prevention, elite surf training and many other topics.

Leaders in pre-hospital care, lifeguarding and drowning resuscitation will participate in swim trials and simulations. The event is open to health professionals, scientists, lifeguards, surf coaches and student interested in surfer's health.

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