Kevin Schulz: hitting the air for San Clemente: Photo: Oakley Surf Team Challenge/O'Brien

The Oakley High School Surf Team Challenge 2014 returns with two stops in San Diego and Orange County.

The Surf Team Challenge picks 10 high school teams from each region against each other for the two regional titles, and a bevy of sponsor prizes and accolades.

The first stop in San Diego will hit Seaside Reef in Cardiff, on the 29th March, and the second event will take place at 54th/56th Street, in Newport Beach, on the 31st May.


Sternwheel surfing: Dan Gavere has no problems with crowds

Dan Gavere has ridden the wake of a sternwheeler in the Columbia River Gorge, somewhere between Oregon and Washington.

When you don't have waves, you have to invent them. There are currently many options. You can build your own artificial wave pool or you can hit the nearest river wave.

A standup paddleboard enthusiast has surfed the wake of beautiful sternwheeler, as the river boat made his journey through the Columbia River Gorge, between Oregon and Washington.


Mavericks: Peter Mel gets ready for a steep roller coaster | Photo: Red Bull/Dave Nelson

Fox Sports has released a short documentary about the history of Mavericks, the infamous big wave surfing spot located at Half Moon Bay, California.

Jeff Clark is the key to Mavericks. He discovered the wave's potential in the 1970s and spent 15 years surfing it alone in the dark.

Decades later, after convincing friends to join him in the cold waters, Mavericks is the US capital of big wave surfing.