Red Bull Cape Fear: we told you not to wipeout | Photo: Red Bull

The Red Bull Cape Fear will run on the 31st August 2014, at Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia.

Hailed as one of the most dangerous surf contests in the planet, the Red Bull Cape Fear expects waves in excess of eight feet pumping above the deadly "Ours" reef, a spot that only comes to life three or four times a year.

The innovative contest format has been designed by the local big wave charger Mark Mathews. Surfers will contest Cape Fear in two disciplines - tow-in with jet-ski assist and the most difficult task in surfing, paddling into monsters.


Laird Hamilton: shooting the Malibu Pier in overhead surf

Blame Laird. The big wave surfer from Kauai decided to shoot the Malibu Pier, at Surfrider Beach, California.

You've got to time it well. Shooting the pier may seem easy, but when the wave travels at full speed you've got to make confident and quick decisions.

Unfortunately, a few lives have been lost while shooting famous surfing piers. This time, Laird Hamilton calculated it well. The ride is quite impressive. Wait, he scored it twice.


Learn how to get barreled: staying centered is critical | Photo: Quiksilver/Rabejac

There's a stoked little tube rider in all of us just waiting to drop in. Gliding along inside the hollow of a perfect peeling wave and emerging triumphant from its natural rolling end is one of the first fantasies to capture the surfer's spirit.

Surf spots that produce good, clean barrels can get wild, so it's good surf practice to prepare yourself with some know-how before you go.

The general consensus on tubing it for the first time is to go frontside; that way you avoid any inner spray rushing at your face and you can reach a hand out to the body of the wave if you need a little balance. With that in mind: