Alex Gray: nice colors

Alex Gray has conquered the Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro 2014, at Nelscott Reef.

The maritime conditions were almost perfect. Nelscott Reef was pumping 20-25 foot clean wave faces under light offshore winds.

The Women's Superheat, a special competition for the big wave female addicts, was taken out by an in-form Bianca Valenti, who left Andrea Moller and Keala Kennelly with the silver and bronze places.


Snapper Rocks: one wave, one surfer, rare picture | Photo: ASP/Jimmy Cane

Pro surfers have complained about the crowded line-ups of the Gold Coast, in Australia. What can be done to reduce accidents and improve the quality of everyone's rides?

The pros are out of the line-up. Competition's over and the fleet of surfboards returns to Snapper Rocks. Waiting for your turn can be tiring in the Gold Coast. And there's that "thing" called surf etiquette.

"The crowds here are like nothing I've ever seen in the world when you're surfing. It's really, really tough for one person to get space in the water, and it's mostly not fun," says Kelly Slater.


Nelscott Reef: posing for the picture

The Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro 2014 will be run on the 12th March, at Nelscott Reef. A massive swell is on the way and surfer girls have been invited for the party.

The world's best big wave surfers are ready for the penultimate event of the 2013/2014 Big Wave World Tour. The Tacklebuster Reef, commonly known as Nelscott Reef, is the place to be.

Located a half mile out to sea in Lincoln City, Oregon, just up the beach from Spanish Head, Nelscott Reef offers high performance big wave with both rights and lefts.