Grant Baker: what now? | Photo: Dave Nelson/Red Bull

Grant "Twiggy" Baker is the 2013/2014 Big Wave World Tour champion.

The South African big wave charger has had a stunning season, with two consecutive victories at the Punta Galea Challenge and Mavericks Invitational.

In the penultimate event of the 2014 Big Wave World Tour, Grant Baker finished in a well-deserved third place, which means he takes the crown before Todos Santos, the last stop of the world circuit.


Mark Mathews: challenging fear | Photo: O'Neill

The world's best big wave surfers will ride the Red Bull Cape Fear, in Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia, between April 17th and August 1st.

The surf spot of "Ours" holds many secrets and hidden stories. Legendary big wave surfer Mark Mathews knows "Ours" better than anyone else and will be organizing the Australian event.

The Red Bull Cape Fear promises paddle and tow-in clashes, held in man-on-man heats. The innovative format was specially designed to be aired on television. It will feature 24 slab riders.


Alex Gray: nice colors

Alex Gray has conquered the Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro 2014, at Nelscott Reef.

The maritime conditions were almost perfect. Nelscott Reef was pumping 20-25 foot clean wave faces under light offshore winds.

The Women's Superheat, a special competition for the big wave female addicts, was taken out by an in-form Bianca Valenti, who left Andrea Moller and Keala Kennelly with the silver and bronze places.