Surfing: when virtual reality gets into play

Big wave surfer Mark Mathews and TV producer Michael Lawrence have captured the power of a 15-foot barrel in virtual 360-degree video mode, at The Right.

Two Australian friends - Mark Mathews and Michael Lawrence - have captured virtual reality surfing footage using Triggar 360 Technology for usage in virtual reality headsets, taking the viewer inside the real time action of surfing a huge cavern.

"I've been trying to show people what it is like to stand in a huge barrel my entire career and Garage Entertainment and Triggar 360 Technology have allowed me to achieve just that," explains Mathews.


Ismail Miglal: enjoying the perfect waves of the Bay of Bengal | Photo: Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival

Ismail Miglal has conquered the Open Men's division of the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival 2014, held in Covelong, India.

Up to 120 surfers participated in yet another surfing contest promoted in Indian waters. The three-day event attracted over 8000 people.

The organizers confirmed that the Covelong Point Surf and Music Festival saw a drastic rise in skill levels of the nation's most talented surfers, but it also displayed a fully-committed performance by several international wave riders.


Surfing the Baan: an Indian tidal bore river wave

A group of European surfers has discovered a powerful tidal bore river wave in the heart of India. They've named it "The Baan."

Welcome to the Hooghly River, a 260-kilometer (160 miles) water current flowing through West Bengal. Can you imagine catching waves a mere 20 kilometers away from Bangladesh, in a major tributary of the Ganges?

The growing Indian surfing community has a new gem in the country's surf spot map: a tidal bore river wave that happens to build up twice a day, in changing tides.