Gwyn Haslock: still surfing after all these years

Gwynedd Haslock was the pioneer of female surfing in the United Kingdom. More that 60 years after her first ride, she's still catching waves in Cornwall.

This woman is an example to us all. "Can and Will: Gwyn Haslock" is a short surf documentary about the extraordinary surfing life of the first British female surfing champion.

After dominating the bellyboards, in the 1950s, Haslock decided to try a 10-foot longboard. Back then, these giant surfboards were exclusively used by lifeguards, and wetsuits were not available.


Todos Santos Island: you can hear the surf

Bahia de Todos Santos is the new World Surfing Reserve. The iconic break of the Baja Coast is officially dedicated on the 21st June, 2014.

The World Surfing Reserve in Bahia de Todos Santos will help create the first state park in northern Baja, led by partner organization Pronatura.

The proposed state park will protect six hectares of critical watershed at Arroyo San Miguel, and the sand and cobblestones that create the fabled San Miguel surf spot.


Surfboard ding repair kit: do it yourself  | Photo:

It happens all the time. Surfboards are fragile objects of design. Even the most careful surfer will, one day, find a crack on his favorite surfboard. So, how can you fix a surfboard ding and rail shatters?

Accessing the damage is a priority. After washing the tears away, we need to analyze carefully how seriously hurt is the surfboard. If you've broken the magic stick in two, you should consider visiting a professional shaper.

If you're simply repairing a small/medium crack, then you can do it yourself. No worries. In the end, the ultimate goal is to protect the core, the inner foam, from the destructive power of salted water.