Waves: the reason surfing exists | Photo: Web

Waves are the reason surfing exists as a sport. You can't ride a wave that wasn't born. Pretty philosophical, isn't it? Well, that's our goal. Dive with us into the magical universe of (un)broken waves.

Waves are like children of the ocean. They're meaningful to us, surfers. Have you ever closed your eyes while riding a wave against the setting sun? Brilliant experience.

Now, here's a different challenge. How do you interpret the following quotes about waves, breakers, rollers and ripples? Can you feel the authors' vibes? What's behind the spirit of these phrases?

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Tia Blanco: a surfer at Playboy | Photos: Playboy.com

Tia Blanco has been featured in Playboy's "Becoming Attraction."

Female surfers are beginning to show their natural curves more than ever. Alana Blanchard found a lucrative niche as a surfing model, but she only opened the way to many other girls such as Anastasia Ashley, Malia Manuel, Alessa Quizon, etc.

Tiarah Lue Blanco was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Southern California. The Vegan surfer is currently living in Hawaii. Her surfing skills speak for themselves, but now she decided to leap into the Playboy world.

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Hawaii: surfing in Waikiki back in the days

How do you say "surfing" in Hawaiian? Are there multiple Hawaiian expressions to say "wave"? Learn how to translate English surfing expressions into "Olelo Hawai'i" (Hawaiian language).

John R.K. Clark, author of "Hawaiian Surfing: Traditions From The Past", has extensively studied the presence of surfing in the Hawaiian language.

The sport of kings is richly portrayed in the Hawaiian culture. Historians have proved that surfing is intrinsically connected to the Polynesian archipelago.

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