Surfing beginners: learn the basic tricks and skills before catching your first wave | Photo: SAC Ashley Shelley

Do you want to learn how to surf? Are you teaching a family member or friend to catch waves for the first time? Learn some basic tips for novice surfers.

Let's get it started. Surfing is not easy, but is far from being a complicated sport. You can easily learn how to become a surfer in a matter of days. The most common mistakes with beginners are related to paddling, standing up, choosing waves, duck diving, priorities and positioning feet on the surfboard.

That is why surf etiquette is a must-read document. Reading introductory books and watching videos is a good advice too, if you're about to hit the surf for the first time. After all, you're telling your brain what should be done. In other words, visualize your future steps.


Gabriel Medina: an aerial in beach break mode | Photo: Quiksilver/Rabejac

The world's best male and female surfers have touched down in the beach breaks of Southwest France. The Quiksilver Pro France 2014 and Roxy Pro France 2014 have ordered heavy barrels and surprising buzzer-beater decisions. Are you ready?

Mick Fanning has won the Quiksilver Pro France four times. He's the Hossegor master, the surfer who better adapts to shifting wave peaks and pounding beach breaks. Stephanie Gilmore and friends will be competing at Les Estagnots.

On the Men's side, the world title race is still heating up. Gabriel Medina has won three events in 2014, but he hasn't been as regular as Kelly Slater, who has not yet won a single contest, but collects three third places.


Tim Bisso: a French star in the making | Photo: Eurosurf Junior 2014

Tim Bisso led France to victory in the Eurosurf Junior 2014, held at Praia de Santa Barbara, in the Azores Islands, Portugal.

Sunny skies and one-meter waves greeted surfers from 15 countries. The event run by the European Surfing Federation (ESF), the governing body for surfing in the Old Continent, crowned champions in eight divisions.

The Under 18 Surfing final had two French surfers, a German rider, and an Irish competitor. Bisso and Nelson Cloarec stole the top positions and helped consolidating their country's advantage.