Winch riding: a cranberry experience | Photo: Ryan Taylor/Red Bull

The idea is not new. Wakeboarders were amongst the pioneers of winch riding, but the solution is spreading across all water sports.

One of the most famous stunts took place in Surrey, England. Jorge Gill and Jack Hammersley used a Jack Hammersley winch pulley system to get the most out of a flooded car park.

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Taj Burrow: ripping when there were waves | Photo: Cestari/WSL

The competition window for the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2015 has been extended. The world's best surfers will be at Snapper Rocks at least until March 13th.

The surf forecasters are closely monitoring the progress of a tropical disturbance currently developing approximately 750 nm northwest of Nadi, Fiji, for the second part of next week.

While this could enhance E/NE swell for the region mid and especially late in the week, the details are highly uncertain at this time. Competition window extensions are very rare in pro surfing.

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Delphine Besson: inspired by surfing

Delphine Besson is a Swiss surfer. She's special. Not because she comes from a landlocked country, but because she has a rare disease.

When you go to bed, and you don't know how you'll feel the next day, you must value life. That is the story of Delphine, born in 1983 in Sri Lanka, and adopted by Swiss citizens when she was only 45 days old.

Besson learned to surf when she was able to travel on her own. Rapidly, the sport of riding waves became a passion. Unfortunately, in June 2014, her body started shaking all the time. Doctors diagnosed her with a rare neurologic disease.

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