Wetsuits: your second skin was probably made in Taiwan | Photo: SurferToday.com

Forget the famous surf brands and the iconic surfy logos. The truth is that the wetsuit market leader is the Sheico Group. But why?

The Sheico Group was founded by Pi-Goong Shiue on the 20th July 1965, in Taiwan. In less than four decades, the company took over the complex world of neoprene gear. Step by step, and while simultaneously investing in research and development, the firm grew into a multinational tentacle.

They started producing raincoats and rubber boots but, with time, their expertise expanded to include neoprene boots and gloves, and wetsuits. Today, the Sheico Group rules the world.

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Gabriel Medina: one of the biggest airs of his career | Photo: Poullenot/WSL

The remaining eight surfers are ready to battle for the 2015 Quiksilver Pro France title, as competition lands in the quarterfinals.

Gabriel Medina managed to steal the first Perfect 10 ride of the event with an incredible aerial rotation. In his Round 4 heat, the Brazilian posted a total two-wave score of 19.83 points. Medina will meet John John Florence in the quarterfinals.

"It felt like I was free surfing, surf against Wilko and Owen we’ve been doing this for a long time as we always stay in the same house as a team. It was sick; I had a lot of fun. This might have been the biggest air I’ve ever done," said Medina.

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Hurricane season: are you ready for the powerful swells? | Photo: NASA

The Atlantic Hurricane season kicks off June 1st and ends November 30th. In the East Pacific Ocean, the hurricane season starts earlier - on May 15th - and also ends November 30th. So, why and when should you not paddle out for a few waves?

Be out of shape. Hurricanes are small storms, and the energy contained in the wave and wind swells comes in like Andrew W.K. on amphetamines to a table manners convention. That butter knife you call a paddling arm doesn't stand a chance.

In the waters surrounding major storms, you've got heavy breaking waves, shorter wave periods, and shore breaks to contend with, so your swimming, paddling, and overall stamina needs to be in top condition. And it goes without saying that you should know how to get out of rip currents because they like to show up to this kind of soiree.

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