Empire Now: bad boy Garrett McNamara

Garrett McNamara is the dangerous villain of "Empire Now," the ultimate New York surf thriller.

Director JR Jensen has used the landscapes and the culture of New York to create a film that combines a fast paced thriller with high-action surf.

"Empire Now" sees Kurt Rist, Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, Brian Pollak, Will Skudin, Balaram Stack, Zack Dayton, Tyler Maguire, Cliff Skudin, and Dylan Stott representing the city that never sleeps.


Webber Wave Pools: a software will imitate Nature

Webber Wave Pools has released new details on the upcoming artificial wave pool to be opened in Queensland by September 2015.

The company founded by Greg Webber published a video titled "Looped Linear," in which we understand the whole behaviour of the wave, and the possibilities for the surfer in each ride.

Unlike the Wavegarden, the Webber concept brings us a circular surf pool with four wave faces peeling across both channels. It doesn't seem possible to get on an endless ride, and only right-handers are available, but there are secrets behind that wave.


Jeremy Flores: Latin fever

Jeremy Flores may face disciplinary action for storming the judging tower after losing his Round 2 heat against Sebastian Zietz, at Jeffreys Bay.

It was just another Round 2 heat. Jeremy Flores and Sebastian Zietz had beautiful clean lines to display their surf talent.

With three minutes to go, Zietz needed a 6.54-point ride to grab first place. Judges took their time comparing all waves ridden so far, but the Hawaiian ended up getting a 6.67 wave.