Dylan Lightfoot: an expert in the Supertubes arena

Dylan Lightfoot has conquered the JBU Supertrial, earning himself a spot on the 2014 J-Bay Open, in South Africa.

The Jeffreys Bay local knows Supertubes particularly well. In a tight final against Michael February, Slade Prestwich, and Matt McGillivray, Lightfoot secured a ticket to a dream.

"I am so stoked. This is a dream come true. I have wanted to surf in the World Championship Tour event in Jeffreys Bay since I was a kid and winning the JBU Supertrial has given me that opportunity," says Dylan Lightfoot.


The mushroom surfboard: durable, tough, not eatable

Meet the first generation of eatable surfboards and fins. Just add salt and olive oil. Alright, maybe that's too much, but Ecovative is developing bio-based and biodegradable surf gear. Seriously tasty.

Mushroom mycelium is a natural, self-assembling glue, digesting crop waste to produce cost-competitive and environmentally responsible materials that perform.

In this case, surfboards are grown, not manufactured. Blanks, fins and handplane will decompose when broken, discarded, or lost in the ocean, effectively reducing toxic marine debris.


Mundaka: a rare drop into perfection | Photo: Jose de la Mar

They're former surf spots. There's no surf in there anymore. Death to dreams of perfect waves. Man destroys what nature makes.

Humans have continuously been destroying some of the best surf spots in the world. From Asia to America, multiple high-quality break have lost the battle against marinas, urban runoff, oil spills, fishing, ports, military bases and industrial development.

Yes, we've lost world-class wave peaks. In some cases, a perfect ride was destroyed in less than 24 hours. Hardly any surf spot wins a battle against progress, or what decision-makers call progress.