SurfEars 2.0: a new leash and improved comfort | Photo: SurfEars

SurfEars has launched the 2.0 version of the popular earplug kit for cold water surfers.

Companies who listen to their clients will always deliver better products. For many surfers in their 30s, Surfer's Ear, also known as exostosis, is a serious problem that might quickly result in a complicated surgery.

SurfEars 2.0 is an improved version of their inaugural model. One of the updates was the introduction of an earplug leash. Because duck dives can be intense, and because wipeouts in heavy waters can be quite frequent.

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Inflatable SUP: know how to repair holes and tears | Photo: Jobe

There's nothing like an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP). You can take it anywhere, inside the backpack. But, what should you do when an air leak appears? We've got the solution.

An inflatable SUP is always a delicate equipment. Rocks, corals, nails, sharp objects, and daily handling can easily cause holes and tears in the tissue.

The world's best inflatable stand-up paddleboards can usually handle heavy beatings, but sometimes it is just too much. If you found that your SUP is leaking air, don't panic. There are solutions and repair kits for the problem.

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Haydenshapes Flagship Store: surf shops are changing | Photo: HS

Should surfboards be treated like high fashion items? Why not? Australian surfboard company Haydenshapes has opened its flagship store in Sydney. And it's shockingly impressive.

Surfboards. Where are they now? Where will they be in the future? Hayden Cox is redefining the way we enjoy the surf shop experience. To get things started, he replaced the classic colored environment by a black-and-white conceptual look.

The brand new flagship store by Haydenshapes allows customers to design a surfboard in store using HSSudio, a 360-degree touchscreen custom board shaping software. You can also take a virtual reality tour through the brands manufacturing facility and creative space using Samsung's Gear VR.

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