Surfing: there's always something to learn in the whitewater | Photo: João Henrique Landolt/

Balance is everything. So is preparation. The whitewater is the safe space where you learn to find your natural balance on the surfboard, and all of your initial shakiness gets whipped into submission.

It always pays to approach the big things in life with as much preparation as you can, and to keep yourself centered as you go.

There is always an aftermath. If you're lucky you'll coast smoothly into it, but just as often there will be wipeouts. All those waves - those moments of smooth, pure energy - have to decay into something.


Kekoa Cazimero: Hawaiian pride | Photo: Landon Hayashi/Free Candy Productions

Kekoa Cazimero and Kai Sallas have emerged victorious in the 2014 Hawaii Surfing Championship, at Sandy Beach.

The third and final leg of 2014 Hawaii Surfing Championship was run in light offshore winds and SSW swell, which produced perfect six-foot waves at Honolulu's surf gem.

The local surfer ripped and stole the top honors in the Men's Shortboard division. In the Longboard category, Kai Sallas managed to win his fifth event in a row, and was crowned champion.


Surfing: when virtual reality gets into play

Big wave surfer Mark Mathews and TV producer Michael Lawrence have captured the power of a 15-foot barrel in virtual 360-degree video mode, at The Right.

Two Australian friends - Mark Mathews and Michael Lawrence - have captured virtual reality surfing footage using Triggar 360 Technology for usage in virtual reality headsets, taking the viewer inside the real time action of surfing a huge cavern.

"I've been trying to show people what it is like to stand in a huge barrel my entire career and Garage Entertainment and Triggar 360 Technology have allowed me to achieve just that," explains Mathews.