El Sunzal: share the stoke

The public beach access to El Sunzal, one of the most popular surf spots in El Salvador, has been closed by a local hotel.

Surf tourism can be a gold mine. In some places, hotels and hostels try to monopolize surf spots to collect all the potential revenue in the area.

"Last April month, Casa de Mar Hotel closed the public beach access road to Sunzal surf spot. The purpose is to monopolize the surf tourism in the area, by driving out of business the small hostels in second and third row," explains Jorge Dominguez, from Naia-SUP, a local business.


A Southern California Surfing Experience: photoshop effects were used in this still

Dave Schauber has filmed "A Southern California Surfing Experience," a back-to-basics surf movie, to be released July 1st, 2014.

The surfer/filmmaker from Santa Barbara is tired of arty adornments in surf movies. Dave Schauber promises no corporate budgets, no RED cams, no helicopters, no drones, no POV surf cameras, no water shots, and no artsy edits.

"I highly respect and appreciate the creativity of my colleagues in more fortunate positions but that just ain't my scene, so everyone will just have to settle for straight up ripping and fast driving music," anticipates Schauber.


Hawaii Surfing Championship: where surfboards grow wings

Dustin Cuizon claimed the opening round of the Hawaii Surfing Championship, at Kewalo Basin, Honolulu.

Surprisingly, the surfing capital of the world doesn't have many contests in which local surfers are granted a chance to qualify for major ASP events.

The Hawaii Surfing Championship is three-event series dedicated to giving island pro wave riders their very own local tour.