Westkust: making surfboards out of cardboards

A Dutch company is shaping surfboards out of cardboards. Westkust allows you to order a cardboard kit and assemble all pieces, or to download the files you need to do it yourself.

The world of surfboards is evolving rapidly. Today, you can surf with almost anything. From balsa to cork, the range of materials that can be used to shape a surfboard is nearly endless.

With Westkust's surprising formula, the good news is that you can build your surfboard in the dining room. You won't need foam or complicated shaping tools. Once the "cardboard puzzle" is finished, you just need to glass it. Paper and water are not friends.

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Kaimana Henry: tube time | Photo: Bielmann/Waterman League

Kaimana Henry has taken out the 2016 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, held at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

The 20th-anniversary edition was held in memory of Duke Kahanamoku and, once again, challenged the traditional conventions of competitive surfing with a non-elimination format, no colored jerseys, and a 12-point judging scale.

The three-day contest got underway in solid Hawaiian wave conditions. All riders surfed perfect Off-the-Wall tube lines with sets hitting the 10-foot mark. Henry stood tall in the barrel and ended up winning the prestigious event.

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Pedro Henrique: free all fins | Photo: Masurel/WSL

Pedro Henrique and Maud Le Car have conquered the inaugural Seat Pro Netanya, in three-to-four foot surf at Kontiki Beach, in Israel.

The Portuguese-Brazilian surfer enjoyed a flawless stay in Israel by locking in the competition's combined heat totals and highest single wave scores. Henrique used his air skills and powerful carves to beat Mihimana Braye in the final.

"I'm over the moon, I came here not feeling 100% and managed to build my form in this event so to finally win is incredible. I'm going to go home and train more to be ready for the next events. It's amazing to start the year like this but the season is long," notes Pedro Henrique.

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