Andy Irons: a master of surfing quotes

Andy Irons was one of the most talented surfers in the history of the sport. The waves he rode are also a parallel of the words he spoke.

The surfer from Oahu will always be remembered for his commitment, creativity, and wave knowledge. He inspired young and old generations, and he rarely left words unsaid.

Andy Irons left us with good memories, pictures, video clips and movies. But Andy's quotes speak for themselves. The wild Hawaiian could be corrosive, tender, surprising and controversial.


Josh Kerr: hiding in The Box | Photo: ASP/Kelly Cestari

The Box delivered flawless barrels, as the 2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro decides the quarterfinalists at the iconic Western Australian slab.

Jordy Smith and Miguel Pupo became the first ever surfers to compete at The Box, with both taking heavy wipeouts while battling for a slot in the Quarterfinals.

Smith logged the first score of significance, posting a 6.33 for a solid forehand tube. The South African followed up with a mid-range score shortly after and placed the heat out of reach for the Brazilian goofy-footer.


Mick Fanning: fine-tuning the mindset | Photo: Quiksilver

"The Surfer's Mind" is a book about learning to master our mind for peak performance in surfing and life.

Richard Bennett is a leading specialist in the field of surf psychology. He was the first psychologist to travel globally on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour - between 2000 and 2003 - pioneering surf psychology through research, observational profiling and consultation with 100 of the world's top competitive surfers, free surfers and extreme big wave riders.

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