Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training: this app will make you sweat

"Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training" is a mobile phone app with 30 programs and over 150 surfing specific exercises to make you a stronger, faster, better surfer.

Joel Parkinson and Wes Berg have teamed up to produce a smartphone application which allows you to prepare your body for different wave needs.

From long point breaks to big barrels, and perfect beach breaks, the app has different programs so you can train and improve in the types of waves you want to surf.


The Chunk of Foam Challenge: a dusty contest

Four shapers will participate in The Chunk of Foam Challenge, at Del Mar Fairgrounds, between 17th-18th May, during The Boardroom 2014.

Kelly Connolly, Chris Christenson, Hank Warner, and Mike Estrada will be asked to find a classic surfboard from within a chunk of surfboard foam within a three-hour time limit.

The board they will be replicating is the original ...Lost RNF 5'5''(19 1/4), by Matt Biolos. Each shaper will have three hours in the shaping bay, with additional limitations.


Carissa Moore: ringing the bell, once again

Carissa Moore has claimed the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2014, after defeating Tyler Wright, at Bells Bowl.

For the second consecutive year, the Hawaiian powerhouse rang the bell. Carissa Moore defeated Wright by 16.23 to 15.77.

Moore dispatched Sally Fitzgibbons in the Semifinals and went on to take out Wright in a rematch of the 2013 final. Both competitors went blow-for-blow in the pumping conditions.