Surf videos: plan the perfect angles | Photo: Dan Warbrick/Rip Curl

Surf videos work like identity cards and fingerprints. They can change the life of a surfer, but they can also propel the filmmaker into the commercial surf industry world.

Pictures speak for themselves. An unknown surfer getting barreled in a transparent wave for 20 seconds, under sunny skies and surrounded by huge palm trees, will likely jump into stardom in a matter of weeks. Just let it go viral on Youtube or Vimeo.

These days professional video equipment is cheaper. You won't have to sell your house to produce the best surf video of the decade. Digital high-speed camera are still expensive, but there are excellent affordable HD alternatives.


The Wedge: a whitewater nightmare designed by Hurricane Marie

California has been hit by a liquid missile. The projectile transformed The Wedge into a big wave surfing arena, thanks to Hurricane Marie.

Southern California surfers were anxiously waiting for it. When Hurricane Marie swells touched the coastline, the result was splendid surf at almost any spot.

The Wedge literally exploded, and hundreds of surfers, bodyboarders and skimboarders took the bull by the horns. Twenty foot plus wave faces arrived and had to be ridden.


Wetsuit repair: you only need wetsuit cement, glue-on seam tape, floss and a needle | Photo:

Learn how to repair a wetsuit. Whether you're fixing a tear in the neoprene or in the rubber, make sure you're stitching it properly.

You can easily make your wetsuit last longer. Salted water, sun, pee and nails are the worst enemies of your favorite wetsuit. A regular surfer hitting the waves 100 times a year may be forced to replace his wetsuit every 24 months. You don't want that.

With time, stitches will lose their strength and open, but that doesn't mean you need to buy a brand new wetsuit. A proper sew and stitch job will extend the lifetime of your second skin. Make sure you're attacking those rips and tears immediately after detecting the problem.