The Endless Summer Resort: powered by American Wave Machines

The Endless Summer Resort, a four-acre artificial surfing pool, will be built in West Oahu, Hawaii.

The North Shore of Oahu might have the best waves on the planet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't build an artificial wave complex, a few steps away from the Seven Mile Miracle.

Surf City Hui LLC have teamed up with American Wave Machines to install swell technology in a new surf park inspired by Bruce Brown's "The Endless Summer" movies.


Expencive Porno Movie: don't worry, it's a surf movie

When surrealism hits the surfing scene, the best thing you've got to do is watch an "Expencive Porno Movie."

Surf movies are getting very experimental. Forget classic Hollywood angles, high-tech video effects, contemporary editing and mainstream soundtracks.

Today, everything's a lab. "Expencive Porno Movie" was shot entirely on Super 16mm, and that is why you'll notice that grainy look in every surf move, for 45 minutes.


Surf dogs: they hang twenty

Eighty surf dogs will hang 20 in the 9th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. The canine surfing event will take place at Dog Beach, in Del Mar, on the 7th September, 2014.

The surf dog competition will feature for the first time the Paddle Paws Parade, a stand up paddleboarding show for puppies mastered by the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

All 80 dogs will compete in four different weight class divisions. Winners are selected based upon their ability to ride the waves, have fun and stay on their boards.