Speed in surfing: pump and bounce down the line | Photo: Quiksilver/Bravo

Generating speed in surfing is making sure you'll be pulling the highest airs, the most powerful carves and snaps. Trimming is a technique, and mastering the art of speed will allow you to explore a wave to the fullest.

Speed lines are imaginary routes drawn on the face of the wave. They're always changing as the roller peels across the line-up, and surfers have to adapt its constant mutation.

Interestingly, optimal surf lines can be horizontal or vertical depending on the type of the wave you're riding, and on what you're about to do next.


Longboarding: be the king of classic and performance | Photo: ASP

The inaugural King of the Longboard will crown the most complete surfer in both traditional boards and performance equipment.

The ASP Europe Specialty event aims to attract the Old Continent's best longboarders in an innovative format of competition. The contest will be held between October 18th-19th, in Playa de Somo, Cantabria, in Spain.

"The King of the Longboard: Classic vs Performance is an innovative event created after many years of experience running longboard events and listening to the opinions of all the riders that compete in our events," explains Pedro Gutierrez, event organizer.


Jadson Andre: power and commitment | Photo: ASP/Masurel

Jadson Andre has conquered the Cascais Billabong Pro 2014, in Guincho, Portugal.

Stuart Kennedy was living a dream. The Qualifying Series campaigner was able to eliminate Freddy Pattachia, Jeremy Flores, and fellow countryman Julian Wilson. Could he celebrate a maiden victory in Portuguese waters?

Jadson Andre entered the final after five consecutive heat wins in the Cascais Billabong Pro 2014. He was pretty much the in-form surfer of the event.