Grant Twiggy Baker: undercover life

Grant "Twiggy" Baker scored a massive barrel ride at a secret reef to clinch the first Oakley 1Wave Wonder, pocketing him a total of R60,000 for his efforts. After five months of competition and over 150 entries, it was one thick tube ride that netted him the first prize for "Ride Of The Season". Watch the best waves.

"It was one of the best waves of my life. When this competition was first launched, I knew it was going to take something pretty special to beat the top guys like Jordy who can do amazing things on virtually any average wave", said Baker.

Grant eventually paddled into a big wave at the Boland Reef and after a critical take-off and drop, with Twig nearly losing it at the bottom of the wave, he recovered and pulled straight into a giant barrel.

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Punta Roca: an El Salvador surfing treasure

Punta Roca is getting ready for the first Copa Quiksilver El Salvador, a 4-Star ASP sanctioned surfing scheduled for July 6, at the idyllic righthand pointbreak of La Libertad. Latin America’s finest talents will take on the world's best surfers.

The second ASP North America event held in Latin America this year is an excellent opportunity for competitors to gain crucial points towards their ASP World Ranking.

Brian Toth, from Puerto Rico, won his first major ASP event last month when he took out the Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan in Mexico and his confidence is still riding high entering the Copa Quiksilver El Salvador despite a stumble at the ASP Prime in Portugal.

"It’s funny how contests work because I won that 4-Star and went to Portugal after and lost first round because of an interference, but I pretty much just laughed that one off and my confidence is still riding high," Toth said.

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Surfing: kicking out of the Olympics, again

Surfing will not be one of the sports included in the 2020 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released the short list of possible additions and only a board sport is featured.

Wakeboard, baseball, karate, roller sports, softball, sports climbing, squash and wushu are the chosen sports in the IOC short list.

"Surfing is naturally disappointed not to have been included on this short list. We remain firmly convinced that, with its unique attributes of sport performance, youthful relevance and growing global industry, Surfing would bring proven excitement, value and fun to the Olympic Games", says Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association.

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