Jay Moriarty: he lived the feeling of Mavericks

Jay Moriarity, the Mavericks surfer who died in 2001 after a diving accident, must be smiling as he watches his fellow riders prepare for The Jay at Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Invitational.

The opening ceremonies of the big-wave surfing event has been concluded. Northern California is prepared to live one of the most incredible surfing contests on Earth.

There are several changes being set for Half Moon Bay. Grant Washburn is leading the organization behind Mavericks and there are new rules for spectators. Last year, a bigger wave injured many surfing fans.

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Cork surfboards: they float

When Archimedes designed the first buoyancy principle, he was certainly thinking of how to get a surfboard in the water.

"Any object, wholly or partly immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object", stated the Greek mathematician. Today, computers make his job quite well.

From this moment on, all surfboard shapers started to test the best materials to acquire top performance, light weight, design and resistance to impact. Nowadays, everyone knows how to shape a standard surfboard. When building the perfect formula for a champion, the choice of materials is decisive.

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Dunedin, New Zealand: protecting the Kiwi surf breaks

New Zealand has announced the protection of 19 surf spots, under the revised Coastal Policy Statement.

This is a huge victory for the entire Kiwi surfing community. The water quality, access or placement of anything in or on the water that may affect swell reaching the surf breaks will be under tight control.

Although the consistency of the waves on 'The Whangamata Bar' is already in danger, because of the regular marina dredging, a new beginning is taking place in the country.

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