Surfing: music is right behind you

Surfing and music have formed a strategic alliance. Billabong and the Universal Music Group have announced a world brand partnership that will bring together music and action sports through a broad range of innovative products and new services.

Lucian Grainge, CEO of UMG, and Derek O’Neill, CEO of Billabong will cooperate on the development of new services and products that will unite the world’s most popular recording artists with the world’s most celebrated, successful talents in action sports.

Live events, sports and music merchandise, music compilations, digital download offers, streaming radio and TV, premium audiovisual content and a dedicated music service.

"UMG and Billabong represents a unique partnership between two progressive companies that share a passion for creating compelling products and engaging experiences for consumers," said Lucian Grainge.

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Prince William in 2004: hurry up, Kate is waiting for dinner

Married, but still a surfer. Prince William of Wales will enter a new period in his life. After marrying Kate Middleton, he won't have much time available to hit the waves of Cornwall, the British surfing capital.

The elder son of Prince Charles is an avid sportsman. He enjoys playing polo and is an Aston Villa FC fan but he has already tasted the sweet feeling of riding waves in a surfboard.

It is now public that the Prince's William stag weekend was a complete party. The secret celebration was held at an undisclosed location. Harry planned his brother's stag do with 20 other close friends.

In the Southwest of England, William is believed to have gone surfing, racing speedboats and water-skiing. The Prince was seen paddling out in Speke's Mill, Devon. Local surfers confirm he may not be a future surfing champion, despite having tried surfing for a few times.

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The Endless Summer: screened everywhere

The best surf movies ever filmed are already available on DVD, but wouldn't it be nice to watch them in the big screen? For those who enjoy cinema and surfing, the best answer are surf film festivals. They're everywhere, from California to France and New Zealand.

Surf film festivals are a great way to appreciate brand new surf movies, independent films and short films. The screening days showcase cult classics and breakthrough movies. At the same time, these events keep hosting workshops, talks with the movie directors and discussion panels with notable surfers.

The New York Surf Film Festival is new and has been growing steadily over the last couple of years. The NYSFF was born in 2008 and keeps attracting the most famous surfers and movie directors. The Canadian Surf Film Festival has just started in Halifax and stands as the only event of its kind in Canada.

The Kona Surf Film Festival, founded in 2003, celebrates the art of surfing by showcasing the newest, most obscure and interesting surf movies out.

Also in Hawaii, the North Shore Surf Film Festival offers three nights of surf films for the big wave winter surf season. It's debuting and will be a major success in Oahu, in the next years.

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