Jarryd Foster: owner of the yellow submarine

When contest founder Peter Dunn first found the bone of a whale on the Iso’s Reef many years ago, he had no idea that it would become part of West Australia’s surfing folklore. Many years later that bone has become the focal point of the Whalebone Classic for longboard surfing as the contest enters its 13th year.

The relationship that has developed since Dunn first found the bone and the spirit of the whale it came from looks set to continue as surf forecasters predict a big groundswell from the main fetch in the South Indian Ocean with waves throughout the weekend.


Creed McTaggart: Occy must be proud of you

West Australian charger Creed McTaggart (Margaret River, WA) today claimed the blue ribbon 16 and Under Boys division at the 2010 Billabong Occy’s Grom Comp.

Timing his form peak perfectly, McTaggart was the standout surfer in the final with the polished natural footer displaying all the spoils of a noticeable growth spurt in the last 12 months as he powerfully attacked the punchy 1m conditions at Duranbah Beach (Queensland, Australia).


Boscombe surf reef: a dream waiting to come true

The Boscombe artificial surf reef will try to understand why the £3m project is not performing as it should.

On Tuesday, July 13, Bournemouth councillors will ask what should be made to have 100m surf rides of 15 seconds.

A few months ago, the performance of the Boscombe surf reef was studied in detail by the Plymouth University.