Sion Milosky: gone but not forgotten

Hundreds of surfers, Hawaiians and friends have payed a tribute to Sion Milosky, a the big wave surfer that lost his life while riding Mavericks, in Half Moon Bay, California.

The Prince Kuhio Beach Park gathered fans wearing the "Live Like Sion" cap. Milosky was a great surfer, dad, husband and friend. He always wanted to get a bigger and better wave.

His intense battle with adrenaline was memorable. The Kauai charger is an inspiration to all generations of worldwide surfers and won't be forgotten. In the homage to Sion Milosky, surfers paddled out, formed the classic Hawaiian circle and poured the ashes of their friend.

At the same time, helicopters dropped beautiful flowers and emotions flowed.

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Surfing in Italy: the right way is still unclear

Italian surfers are facing a national turmoil. There are currently two governing bodies working independently. The Federazione Italian Surfing (Fisurf) was founded in 1997 and is the official governing body for surfing, as recognized by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Surfing Italia is a very popular organization in the Italian surf club scene. From the Sardegna to the Toscana region, Surfing Italia has gathered a good number of affiliated local surf clubs.

In the last two years, Fisurf and Surfing Italia have been trying to unite efforts, but it has not been easy. "After countless meetings, phone call and emails we could not get a positive result", tells the latest Surfing Italia press release.

Surfing Italia defends that clubs should be the ones who decide a future president, respecting the Italian legislation. An agreement was not possible and the entire Surfing Italia board of directors resigned.

So, in the next months, there's a lot of work to do in order to reunite surfers, surf clubs and governing bodies. The International Surfing Association is expected to contribute with ideas, proposals and guidelines.

Adam Melling: cold water specialist

Adam Melling has won the inaugural 2011 O’Neill Cold Water Classic at Gisborne, New Zealand. The victory was sealed in the last 30 seconds over Brazilian surfer William Cardoso.

The Australian surfer completed an incredible turn, at The Pines, on Wainui Beach, in clean 1.5m waves with offshore winds. Melling posted 15.20 out of a possible 20 points for the win, made even more special given he was celebrating his 26th birthday.

"I am 26 today and I won the final. I am stoked", said Melling after being chaired up the beach by his mates. "Pretty fun out there, it turned on for the final. Even though the tide come up there were still sets. It was a little slow at the start but came on in the end, last 90 seconds anyway” added Melling of his last minute victory after scoring an 8.03 point ride for two huge forehand turns with only seconds to spare."

"At the start of the heat there, I was looking back in at the beach and I was thinking wow I don’t have any waves. I missed one at the start and I was freaking out a bit and Willian was down the beach but I knew I was in a good spot and if a ‘sucky’ one came in I knew I could bang out the turns and get the score."

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