Dungeons: cold and scary

The 2014 Dungeons Challenge, the second stop on the Big Wave World Tour, is on yellow alert.

A good-looking swell might be heading towards Cape Town, South Africa, and hitting the iconic big wave surf spot between 18th-19th August.

Wave face sizes may be in the 20-25 foot plus range, and possibly pushing toward 30-foot faces. ASP will issue a green Alert 72 hours prior to commencement if the event is called on.


Scar Reef: dangerous coral below | Photo: Surfindo.com.au

An Australian surfer has died after hitting a reef in Bali, Indonesia.

Peter Luke, 27, was riding big waves at Scar Reef, when the tragic accident took place. Reports tell that the young surfer was catching five-meter waves (16 feet) at Jelenga Beach in West Sumbawa.

Luke was enjoying the surf with two friends, when he hit the reef. They noticed he was missing and used a boat to locate him.


Nazaré, 1968: Garrett McNamara was only one year old

The Portuguese town of Nazaré holds the record for the biggest wave ever surfed, but a few decades ago surfers were "aliens" in the small fishing village.

Colored longboards on the roof of a car. What are those "things"? In 1968, the picturesque seaside community of Nazaré was still living quiet days, under the dictatorship of Salazar.

Wave sports were almost as rare as a Coca Cola can. The American drink had been prohibited by the government, and the number of Portuguese surfing participants could be counted on two hands.