Surfy: inspired by California Games

Do you remember "California Games"? Inspired by the 1987 video game, "Surfy" brings the excitement and flow of surfing into your iPhone screen.

The developers behind "Surfy" say the mobile surfing games combines the simple game controls and mechanic of the 1980s classics with modern features, like powerups, gravity-defying stunts, and head-to-head challenges.

Surfing games have always been a problem for game designers. Water and waves are not easy to emulate in a video game console. Fortunately, "Surfy" doesn't try to look real. On the contrary, it was made to be arcade-like.


Kelly Slater: the impossible air at Lower Trestles | Photo: ASP/ Rowland

A precious swell returned to San Clemente for the conclusion of Round 2 of the Hurley Pro at Trestles 2014. Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater survived early elimination.

The Brazilian redeemed himself in a decisive heat against Raoni Monteiro. Medina displayed his selective air game and took the win with two airs.

"In the beginning of the heat we couldn't catch many waves. It was so slow and I was getting nervous. I'm just stoked to make it through. It's always hard to compete against a Brazilian guy but it's a competition and we just think about our job," underlines Medina.


France, 1965: Joël De Rosnay (left) meets Rod Sumpter and Wheels Williams

The French Surfing Federation is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In 1964, Guy Petit, the mayor of the coastal town of Biarritz, founded the Fédération Française de Surf in a local tourist office. It is probably one of the oldest national governing bodies for the sport of surfing in the world.

One year later, the first ever French Surfing Championships get underway at Anglet. European surfing would never be the same without the French contribution.