Kelly Slater: très bien

A mammoth day of action has been completed with the Quiksilver Pro France running Rounds 3, 4 and 5 in pumping four-to-six foot (2 metre) waves at Culs Nus Beach

Event No. 7 of 10 on the 2010 ASP World Tour, the Quiksilver Pro France enjoyed a full day of mind-blowing surfing and incredible carnage as the remaining eight surfers were determined in the south of France.

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Davey Weare: he'll be hanging around

Davey Weare will be retiring from professional surfing.

One of South Africa's most loved surfers has decided to quit long travels and competitions.

He has been running the world for a living since 1999.

Weare will now be focusing on photography and free surfing.

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Owen Wright: he should've made the film

We’re waiting for the call in France but it ain’t looking promising. There are waves around, but Hossegor’s ability to go from pumping to puss with the changing tide is an issue.

It’s a chance to catch up with Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson and get the lowdown on Rip Curl’s latest extravaganza – Timeslicing at the Sunway Lagoon.

Where’s that you ask? Remember the wavepool in Malaysia? What’s Timeslicing you ask? Remember the freeze frame cinematography from the Matrix? And the results? Quite goddamn extraordinary.

Watch the trailer, HERE.

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