Surf speed: turns are fast

The best surfers in the world have already checked their best speed records, in the 2011 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, in Australia. The GPS tracking device has delivered data for the first waves of the season.

In Snapper Rocks, Mick Fanning is currently the fastest surfer. The Australian champion recorded a maximum speed of 39,1 km/h. In second place, Joel Parkinson stands with 34,6 km/h. Bede Durbidge is third (33,6 km/h) and 10-time world champion Kelly Slater places in fourth (32 km/h).

The benchmark can be set in the 45 km/h mark, in the near future, experts say. Also, it's interesting to check the overall distance, too. Parkinson leads the way with 3996 metres of waves already ridden.

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Finn MacCools: sunny but rocky

Ireland is pumping the surfing world. After showing off the power of "Prowlers", the local big riders have unveiled another pearl of Irish tow-in surfing.

"Finn MacCools" is the new giant of the European wave kingdom. The surf spot was discovered recently by Alastair Mennie, Andrew Cotton and Lyndon Wake. The big wave scenario breaks in front of the famous Giant's Causeway, in the North Coast of Antrim. Watch the video of Ireland's next big thing.

Initially, "Finn MacCools" was surf paddled, but the team returned with war gear for a professional tow-in session and a group of photographers and videographers. The conditions were incredible and even sunny.

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Hawaii, 1890: the first surf dude is deciding whether he is going left or right

The photograph has survived decades and it is considered the first picture of a surfer. The surf treasure dates back to 1890 and will be auctioned at a starting asking price set between £7,000-10,000.

Dominic Winter Book Auctions is selling a good pair of photograph albums, with 102 albumen prints. The most famous picture shows a Hawaiian local rider staring at the breaking waves with a rude surfboard behind him.

The original owner and the photographer are not known, but the collection also displays topless native women from Hawaii and Fiji, the Hawaiian Royalty (King Kalakaua, Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Kaiulani).

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