Tow-In: authorities are nice in Australia | Photo: Shalom Jacobovitz

Tow-in surfers from Western Australia have reasons to be happy. The official safety procedures require a spotter behind the jet ski driver, but the Department of Transport is exempting tow-in surfing rules for another 12 months.

The authorities believe everything is OK with the sport and everyone seems to have full respect for the general nautical rules and laws.


Sarah Baum: Tofinho lover

Durban surfer Sarah Baum has clinched the fourth annual Roxy Invitational surfing event in Mozambique. After two days of waiting for decent surf, the contest directors of this unique invitational event decided to run the final heat on the last day of the six-day waiting period in the three-foot contestable surf on offer at Tofinho Point, Tofo.


Jeffrey's Bay: a nuclear plant here?

Surfers from all around the world might lose one of their best and most loved wave sanctuaries. Believe it or not, Jeffrey's Bay and its Supertubes are the place chosen for a planned nuclear power plant.

Eskom, the company behind the project is considering building Africa's biggest unit at Thyspunt, very near Jeffrey's Bay. Experts say waves and local economy will be affected.