2010 Eurojunior Championships: France smiles

France has conquered the Eurojunior 2010 at Praia da Arda, in Afife, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

In the final day of action, Portugal, France and Spain battled for the Teams Title, but in the end it was France who took the trophy back home.

Dimitri Ouvre, Vasco Ribeiro, Nelson Cloarec, Lecar Maud, Isacc Rodriguez, Maxime Castillo, Ana Adão and Joshua Le Marquand are the 2010 European Junior Champions.


Surfing in India: now possible after a new artificial reef

Working in conjunction with the Indian government, ASR Ltd completed construction of India's first Multi-Purpose Reef in February, 2010. The primary purpose of the reef is to mitigate coastal erosion from monsoon waves in the small town of Kovalam. The reef also creates an excellent habitat for marine species. Finally, the reef has helped create a great surf spot.

Watch the new surf reef in India, here.

Not long ago, Yvon Choiunard, founder of Patagonia Inc., had the opportunity to see footage of ASR’s new Multi-Purpose Reef in Kovalam, India. What he saw excited an age-old desire to protect coastlines and create waves, resulting in a new alliance. Patagonia’s endorsement of ASR Multi-Purpose Reef has led to an article on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line Blog.


Craig Naylor: grandmaster in his business

The inaugural Tradies Ocean and Earth Surfmasters saw the grandmasters of surf mixing it up at North Cronulla today.

Seeing the usual crew of weather beaten, salt encrusted, sand blasted, elder statesmen and women competing for ten prestigious titles, the event saw yesterday’s champions taking on solid conditions.

Recognising their love and passion for surfing in a format usually celebrated by the younger generation, the event witnessed over 45, 50, 55 and 60 years Men and Women’s divisions.