2010 Billabong September Storm Surf Classic: thank you, Igor

The point at Lawrencetown Beach was firing on Saturday for the 2010 Billabong September Storm Surf Classic contest courtesy of Hurricane Igor, which sent stellar waves from the South Atlantic to the shores of Nova Scotia.

The Open Pro began the day’s competition before 8 a.m. this morning with the sun rising, the waters warm and a light offshore breeze.

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Surfing in Sweden: portable wave machine to have at home

American Wave Machines, an innovator in artificial wave technology, today announced the successful commissioning of the first modular surfing system delivering multiple wave types including a left and right breaking barrel option. Surfers are lining up to ride real surfboards with fins on the first barreling standing wave in Europe.

The machine debuted at the Himlabadet Municipal Aquatic Sports and Spa Facility in Sundsvall, Sweden and is another first for AWM. The locals in Sundsvall came out in full-force to ride SurfStream at the opening day event, sponsored by Quiksilver™ and Red Bull.

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Semi Pro: Slater's not a pro, yet

Channel Islands Surfboards has unveiled the lucky gear used by Kelly Slater at the Hurley Pro Trestles.

Slater was delivering top scores and surfing performances with a 5'9" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/4" Semi Pro.

He even used that funny "Semi Pro" headband during the heats.

Maybe the relaxed attitude of not being a Pro mixed with the professional drive gave him the win over Bede Durbidge.