Laird Hamilton: he loved the Millennium Wave

"As a little kid, I was rescued on a weekly basis". The words are taken from Laird Hamilton, the professional big wave surfing guru, in the new Honda advertising films.

Hamilton is featured in "The Undying Dream", a documentary movie directed by Ondi Timoner, which takes a look at what happens when a dream takes hold of you and drives you to succeed. The big wave rider speaks out in the eigth part of "Dream the Impossible", a collection of image of the Japanese car corporation.

"When I was a young man, I wanted to be the greatest big rider that ever lived", tells Hamilton. Check out a professional surfer, motorcycle racers and Honda associates discuss the purpose and constant evolution of a life's dream.

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Surf trip: an adventure with friends and waves | Photo: Rip Curl

Every surfer dreams of the surf trip of a lifetime. Chasing the undiscovered wave peak, traveling with our best friends, tasting local gastronomy and naming new secrets spots are part of the irresistible lure of surfing.

There's a unique adventure in all surf trips. Surfers forget their daily habits and travel through their own imaginations. It's very important to plan a wave journey at least once in your surfing life; if only to free yourself from rigid rules and schedules.

Surf traveling is always on the surfer's to-do list, but changing conditions along the route can mean it is not always possible to schedule it efficiently. It's good practice to make a plan, even if you don't stick to it. Fun sometimes requires organization - just not too much.

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Josh Kerr: aerial master

Josh Kerr has conquered the Boost Mobile SurfSho, at Bondi Beach, Australia. The Australian surfer proved why he is one of the best aerial surfers in the world by taking the richest prize purse aerial surfing event.

Kerr takes home $25,000 after beating the cream of international surfing. Jordy Smith, Taj Burrow and Owen Wright simply couldn't reach Coolangatta's hero.

The 26-year old surfer from the Gold Coast was stoked. "I've had an awesome time down at Bondi these past few days. My film premiere last night and now this title along with $25k, it's as good as a weekend gets. Great location, great crowd, great day!"

On the competition he added: "I thought Jack Freestone had the title there for a while but I lucked out with that winning wave and in tough conditions did just enough to take the title. These young kids are coming up through the ranks and all gunning for you so it challenges me to keep things fresh and come up with new tricks. The win helps keep my name out there and is a real confidence boost for the rest of the year."

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