Paige Hareb: be careful, girl

Paige Hareb escaped a very serious accident, yesterday, in Teahupoo, Tahiti.

As she was catching her first wave of the session, Brazilian Silvana Lima dropped in and forced Hareb to find the less dangerous way.

Nevertheless, she had to duck dive in the shallow waters and got cut in the reef.

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Billabong Surf Trip: Tiago Pires is stoked!

The Surf and Gaming media got its first hand’s on look at Billabong’s new surf video game yesterday in the conference room at Bong Headquarters in Irvine California.

Billabong Surf Trip was received by both members of the surf media and gaming editors and bloggers from all over the gaming world.

“My overall experience with Billabong Surf Trip was a good one,” wrote Matt Dunn from the prestigious game site Touch Gen. “The waves are sweet, the controls are solid, and the various maneuvers actually require some skill and timing to pull off.”

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Forestry Beach: the longboarder's dream

The 2010 North Island Longboard Championship event will go ahead this Saturday 11th September 2010 at the primary location of Forestry Beach.

The long range forecast is predicting a 1 metre North East Swell with North - North West winds which should provide suitable conditions to run the event. Forestry is a North Swell magnet and has had consistent banks through all tides in recent swells. High Tide is at 9.30am on Saturday morning which will start the day with an increasing swell all day.

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