Surfboard: in the future we want a portable video game

Pukas and Tecnalia have been working together in the development of the surfboards of the future, now. The first result of advanced research is a surfboard that records your positioning and tells surfers what they're doing well and what should be corrected.

These futuristic new surfboards have everything embedded: gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, compass, strain gauges that measure flex and pressure sensors.

The surf brands invited Aritz Aranburu to present the mechanical behavior of surfboards, through technology, by "turn feelings into facts and figures" and providing as yet unquantified data that can be directly applied to improve the features of these surfboards.

By analyzing data, surfers may improve technical performance and measurement of parameters during a surf competition. Watch the explanation video of the futuristic surfboards, here.

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Kelly Slater: still here after all these years

Kelly Slater will not unveil his full surfing plans for 2011, but he will certainly be ripping the waves of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, in Australia, from February 26 through March 9.

The 10-time world surfing champion has been testing new surfboards and gear in Hawaii and California and his highly motivated to open the season up in the high-performance righthand point-break of Snapper Rocks.

The natural-footer is ready for top competition and only wants to have fun. "The waves at Snapper wake me up enough or motivation but I'd love to get another win at the Quiksilver Pro," Slater said. "Either a great way to go out or to start another campaign! I can't honestly answer that (my plans for the year) right now. I've thought about doing a farewell aloha tour and saying bye to the tour and I've thought about retiring after this event for real."

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Second Life: virtual surfer girls are cute | Image: Marianna Monentes/Boracay Islands

They have sponsors, rankings, a rulebook and even a board of directors. Meet the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA). Confused? Well, these days everything is possible. If your favorite surf spot is on flat days, why don’t you try virtual surfing?

Second Life has grown so much you can actually live another "life" in this virtual world. With surfing, it's exactly the same. Even if you have never surfed a real wave, you can be a pro in the electronic environment.

The SLSA's mission statement is so much fun. "The Second Life Surfing Association (herein known as “SLSA”) is the governing authority for surfing and surfing-related events throughout Second Life (herein known as “SL”). The SLSA governs competitions; promotes surfing and surf-related sports; and provides guidance and advice to its members on matters such as competition organization, judging, and sport instruction".

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