Roberto d'Amico: Italian surf star

The Surfing Italy Awards have been set to the 23rd January, at the Bondi Cafe, in Santa Marinella, Rome. This is the first ever award event held in the country to honour surfers, clubs, industry and media. Also, Italy will celebrate the great surfers of the past and the new generation of wave riders.

The awards will be delivered from 12h30m and all water sports fans are invited. The nominations for the Surfing Italy Awards are:

Best Contest – Protest Banzai Pro
Best Long Contest – Bear Sardinia Longboard Invitational
Best Special Surf Contest – Frozen Open Marinedda
Best SUP Race contest – Surfing Italia Cup Bari
Best SUP Wave contest – Turtle Padlle Cup Andora
Best Junior Contest – Quiksilver king of the grom Anzio
Best Body Contest – Quiksilver Scavi body challenge
Best Regional Contest – ex equo Insane Scavi Challenge and Entella Surf Classic
Best Regional Coordinator – Andrea Tordi, Emilia Romagna
Best Event Media Coverage – Italia Surf Expo, S.Severa
Best Brand Support – (Frozen, Bear, Protest, Lightning Bolt, Insane, Quiksilver, Oakley, Monster Energy, Moki, Starboard, Naish, Jimmy Lewis)
Best International Results – Leonardo Fioravanti
Best Surf Club Activity – Ostia Surf club
Rookie of the Year – Alessandro De Martino
Best Testimonial SI 2010 – Sunny Garcia, Hawaii
Best Book 2010 – Zai Point di G. Grispello e M. Balloni
Best Video Profile – Fluendo di L.Marzocca
Special Awards – Graziano Lai, Sardegna

Campioni Italiani 2010 Categoria Shortboard

1st Man Top44 – Roberto D'Amico
1st Girls – Valentina Vitale
1st Girls Under 18 – Alessandra Balistreri
1st Man Under 18 – Roberto D'Amico
1st Man Under 16 – Niccolò Amorotti

Campioni Italiani 2010 Categoria Longboard

1st Man - Matteo Fabbri
1st Woman - Gioia Sodini

Campioni Italiani 2010 Categoria SUP (Wave/Race)

1st Wave Open – Alessandro Onofri
1st Race 12.6 – Fabrizio Gasbarro
1st Race Junior – Mario Paudice
1st Race Girls Open – Silvia Mecucci
1st Race Master 12.6 – Massimo Cipollari
1st Race Master 14 – Helgo Lass

Campione Italiano 2010 Categoria Bodyboard

1st – Genesio Ludovisi

Campione Italiano 2010 Categoria Indoboard

1st – Daniele Verdecchi

Clement Cetran and Dhelia Birou: the best world surfing dancers

Clement Cetran and Dhelia Birou are the grand winners of the 2011 ISA Tandem Surfing World Championships, held for the first time on the mainland USA. Trestles was the stage and the French pair is ecstatic. They have stormed tandem surfing by taking the title for the second consecutive time.

All contestants battled a variety of conditions from small wind chop to glassy, chest-high waves, high tide lulls, and low-tide rocks. Hungry rocks tried to bite into many teams, and several boards were dinged and others lost fins and had to be replaced mid-heat. Luckily, despite many close calls where teams crashed onto the rocky shore, no one was seriously hurt, only a few bruises, which is nothing new to seasoned tandem surfers.

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A Deeper Shade of Blue: life is blue

"A Deeper Shade Of Blue", Jack McCoy's lastest film, will debut at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The filmmaker travels through the deepest roots of surfing, the craft of surfboard building and the passion for waves and oceans.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is now its 26th years and considered to be in the top ten Film Festivals in the US. The majestic Arlington Theater will be the venue for this World Premiere of McCoy’s new film. The film is set to screen on Tuesday, February 1st.

"A Deeper Shade Of Blue" shares the story of the evolution of modern surf culture in eleven chapters that are captured by the amazing cinematography and stories of discovery. Hawaiian roots of this sport take us to moments with the Waikiki - California connection of surfer shapers; Rabbit Kekai, Joe Quigg, Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiapuni, Phil Edwards, Miki Dora, the Marshall Brothers, and David Nuuhiva.

Crossing over to the talented young Pipeline phenomenon, Jamie O’Brien and on to the Australia crossing of the sport with George Greenough, Wayne Lynch, and Michael Peterson.

McCoy’s awe inspiring visuals are brought even more to light with the revolutionary underwater mini sub tracking shots spotlighting Manoa Drollet on the modern short board in Tahiti’s heaviest barrels. Kelly Slater, coincides with the rise of professional contests and leads to a super-session at Jeffries Bay with today’s best pros.

With respect to the ladies in the water the film shares how Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani and then Gidget kick surfing into high gear and inspire a cavalcade of women surfers, presented by current World Champ Stephanie Gilmore.

Plus a great session with pro surfer Derek Hynd revisits the hot curl and Hawaiian finless surfing re-birth. Ending with innovation with the Hawaiian tradition of Aloha has been surfing’s guiding creed since Duke Kahanamoku presented surfing to the world.

Jack McCoy’s past film credits that have made him a star in the surf world are Storm Riders, Occy and Blue Horizons to name a few. This is a big picture of a memorable story, beautifully told. It is a film about feeling good to be alive and it will make you feel good.

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