Iphone surf apps: invading the iTunes store

Surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding applications have been invading the iPhone mobile phone. In the last years, many bad, fair, good and very good apps were developed and uploaded into the iTunes Store. Free or paid, it's time to check the best iPhone surf apps.

Let's start by the iPhone surfing games. It's not easy to make a good portable surfing game, but "Billabong Surf Trip" is great. Cool graphics, friendly user controls and an overall will to hit the real waves apply. The "Kite Surfer" is also popular among wind sports enthusiasts.

Rip Curl developed "Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game", another gnarly example of how we should pass time while waiting for the best tide. Finally, "Wildcard Pro Surfing" let's you, Jonny Carver, experience 1000 different surf trick combinations.

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Bluepool: a surf paradise | Photo: Linda Bailey

Peter Jones, an UK surf legend, has undergone emergency brain surgery after suffering a surf accident in Bluepool, Llangennith. The former European surfing champion had a bone stuck in the temporal lobe, causing immense pain.

Jones was catching waves with his son James when the accident occurred. "It was a horrible accident. I had to go and pull him out. He was conscious after he came round and he managed to walk to the helicopter, but he wouldn't let them cut off his wetsuit, at the hospital, and he was trying to lift himself out of bed last night", James told 'This is South Wales'.

Still, it is not known how bad Peter is going through. The former Welsh, British and European surf champion is one of the biggest promoters of surfing in the region of Gower and has 40 years of sport experience.

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Floods in Australia: surfers unite to help

The worst floods in more than three decades have devastated large regions of Australia. Thousands of citizens have lost their homes, belongings and longtime memories. Hundreds of Australians have lost their friend and relative forever.

The floods swept through 75% of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Insurance claims have reached the AU$2 billion (US$2 billion) mark, only in Queensland. Artists, surfers, entrepreneurs and many world friends are supporting the beautiful country of Australia, through theses difficult recovery times.

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