Chris Martin: even stars get injured while surfing

Chris Martin, singer in Coldplay, has suffered a foot injury while surfing.

The British rock star was catching waves in New York's The Hamptons, as reported a few days ago by SurferToday.

Martin's right ankle has suffered a traumatic injury, as he isrecording sessions for the band's upcoming album.

The musician is now wearing a plaster cast on his foot.

Got Surf: yes, it's freezing cold Canada

"Got Surf" is Canada's new collective of surfers interested in developing the future of surfing in Canada.

The idea behind "Got Surf" is to produce innovative and interactive surf media - documentaries, films, videos, photography - that may boost the sport in this North American country.

Raph Bruhwiler, Adam Chilton, Nico Manos, Scotty Sherin, Jeremy Koreski and Olivier Barrette and the first members of this creative surfing club.

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Umthombo: kids are stoked with surfing

Street children are learning to surf in South Africa. Project Umthombo is helping homeless kids catch some waves, rather than getting more addicted to glue.

The idea is quite simple: kids will be offered a surfboard as soon as they prove that they are commited and showing clear signs of evolution.

Many South African street kids that have undergone an experience through Umthombo are now returning to school and completely stoked to the rising swells.

The community project is currently taking actions in Durban's South Beach.

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