Got Surf: yes, it's freezing cold Canada

"Got Surf" is Canada's new collective of surfers interested in developing the future of surfing in Canada.

The idea behind "Got Surf" is to produce innovative and interactive surf media - documentaries, films, videos, photography - that may boost the sport in this North American country.

Raph Bruhwiler, Adam Chilton, Nico Manos, Scotty Sherin, Jeremy Koreski and Olivier Barrette and the first members of this creative surfing club.

The "Got Surf" collective believes surfing is one of the most important growing outdoor action sport in Canada. And this is happening because wetsuits are improving technology for ice water conditions. From Halifax to Tofino, surfers and stand up paddle boarders are invading oceans and lakes.

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Umthombo: kids are stoked with surfing

Street children are learning to surf in South Africa. Project Umthombo is helping homeless kids catch some waves, rather than getting more addicted to glue.

The idea is quite simple: kids will be offered a surfboard as soon as they prove that they are committed and showing clear signs of evolution.

Many South African street kids that have undergone an experience through Umthombo are now returning to school and completely stoked to the rising swells.

The community project is currently taking actions in Durban's South Beach. There are 400 street kids in Durban living by themselves, without any backup family.

Project Umthombo was founded by Tom Hewitt, in 1998, and is an organization led predominantly by former street children.

If you would like to help and/or donate, please take a look at Umthombo's website.

Tamaroa McComb: his friend got the title

Local surfer, Taumata Puhetini (PFY), has claimed the 2010 Air Tahiti Nui VonZipper Trials in solid six-foot waves at Teahupo’o, overcoming an international invite-only field of 64 to guarantee himself a wildcard into the main event of stop 5 on the ASP Men’s World Tour, the Billabong Pro, Tahiti which begins next Monday, August 23.

Puhetini looked unstoppable in the all-Tahitian final versus fellow local, Tamaroa McComb (PFY), the 23 year-old registering one of the highest two-wave combined wave scores of the event, 18.17 out of a possible perfect 20, to see him claim the most important win of his career.

“I have had a lot of time to watch the Billabong Pro contest as a spectator and to watch Manoa reach the final (in 2008) was great. I have spent four hours in the water training every day. Now is my chance, I am ready,” said Puhetini.

Both Puhetini and McComb will now join seeded wildcard, Manoa Drollet (PFY) in Round 1 of the upcoming Billabong Pro, Tahiti main event. All three Tahitians are certain to draw the world’s highest rated surfers; world rated no. 1, Jordy Smith (ZAF), world-rated no. 2 Taj Burrow (AUS) and world rated no. 3 Kelly Slater (USA).

Drollet, a two-time trials champion and former Billabong Pro, Tahiti finalist (2008) believes MCComb and Puhetini are danger-men at Teahupo’o and easily capable of causing a serious upset to the ASP Men’s Tour world title contenders.

Finishing third and fourth today was former two-time Air Tahiti Nui VonZipper Trials winner (2009 & 2006) Heiarii Williams (PFY) and Steve Pierson (PFY), making it a clean sweep for the Tahitians in the semi-finals.

Australia’s Anthony Walsh (NSW, AUS) saw his run for glory cut short in the quarterfinals against local Steven Pierson (PFY).

The Tahitian, Pierson, had the Aussie on the ropes early, scoring an excellent opening ride of 9.1 points for a long backhand tube ride which he backed up shortly after with another good score.

With just 10 minutes remaining, Walsh required a combination of scores to overtake the Tahitian and managed to answer back with a near-perfect 9.93 for an awesome double-barrel ride to put him within striking distance.

However, with time ticking away, Teahupo’o did not co-operate and still requiring a second good scoring wave Walsh, a former wildcard winner, was bundled out in equal 5th place.

Laurie Towner (NSW, AUS) had more than the wave drought to contend with in his quarterfinal. Earlier today, Towner received medical attention on-site after he head butted the reef during a wipeout in Round 3. He was treated for a gash in his scalp and doctors inserted a stitch in a cut above his right eye.

In his quarter final versus McComb, Towner’s right ear copped it next. Towner unsuccessfully negotiated a frothy Teahupo’o tube and during the ensuring wipeout, the fin of his board struck his ear underwater.

He was taken to the nearby Marina by jet-ski and then driven to the nearest hospital immediately after the quarterfinal, a little shaken but otherwise okay.

At the time of writing, it’s expected Towner will receive a few more stitches.

The world’s top rated 45 surfers are expected to land in Tahiti over coming days for the Billabong Pro, Tahiti which begins August 23rd and runs to Sept 3rd. Just four full days of competition are required to crown a champion.

Air Tahiti Nui VonZipper Trials

FINAL: Taumata Puhetini (PFY) 18.17 def Tamaroa McComb (PFY) 17.27