Doolin Point: an Irish pearl

The Irish surfers have won the first battle against the destruction of the Doolin Point, one of the country’s most incredible wave spots. After several public discussions and long meetings, the 6 million euro Doolin Pier development is set to be withdrawn and new scaled-down plan will be studied and publicly presented.

Thirty two councilors were due to vote yes-or-no for the new pier at Doolin Harbor, but the national and international concerns from the surfing community halted the final decision. Tom Coughlan, county manager, suggested that a public consultation process would only be good for a correct and decisive voting.

This means, the planning application will now be withdrawn and a new project will be lodged by the council. The idea is to have a construction 25 meters further away from the waves. Also, the project will be 15 meters shorter in length, in order to reduce its impact on the surfing conditions.

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York Beach: surfing is not allowed here

There was a time when skateboarding was considered a crime. It was a long time ago and now everybody sees it as an amazing sport. In the 21st century, there are still some cities in the Western World where banning water sports is for real.

It happens in York Beach, Maine, USA. Surfing is prohibited even when this town delivers perfect and safe conditions for wave riding. First, the lifeguards were shocked as if a murder was being committed. They run along the beach, they watch surfers in a state of shock and then they call the Police.

"Last Line of Defense" is a video footage that tells the story of angry lifeguards that call for angry Police support. "First of all, they are not allowed in here. So, they all need to leave. Second is that camera on. Shut it off because I'm telling you to", said the policeman.

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Jeffreys Bay: South Africa's most crowded wave

Matthew Stewardson, actor and former Idols presenter, has collapsed and died while surfing at Jeffreys Bay.

The South African TV presenter was learning how to ride waves when he lost his life. Apparently, Stewardson may have died of heart attack, only one day before his 36th anniversary.

"He was not ill at all - he had a history of drug abuse and he was on the road to recovery again but maybe, you never know if it was interrelated. I spoke to him two hours before he died and he was at his happiest", said his sister Joanne Pienaar Stewardson.

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