Storm Surfers: a scary moment

Storm Surfers - New Zealand is the sequel to the highly successful Storm Surfers - Dangerous Banks.

This time big wave surfing legends Ross Clarke-Jones and two time world champion Tom Carroll will be hunting waves off the South Island of New Zealand.

They are aiming to test new GPS and impact technologies and to work up new designs of their boards with advanced wave testing. And of course there will be the usual antics.

They will attempt to tow-in to a 4,000 foot ski slope on their big-wave boards, search for dinosaurs in remote national parks and hunt a pig for a traditional Hangi feast.


Storm Surfers - Dangerous Banks Premiered in 2008 on Discovery Channel in Australia and across Asia. It was a huge success and has since gone on to sell in to Europe and North America. Storm Surfers examines the phenomenon of big waves, the science behind them, the adventure of chasing them and the surfers who ride them in conditions that could kill.

Filmed in stunning High Definition, Storm Surfers puts the viewer right on the board as Ross and Tom test the limits of physical endurance and master their fear in pursuit of the ultimate ride.

The Storm Surfers journey never ends. This site is the centre of the Storm Surfers universe and the place for alerts and plans for new missions and targets. It is also where you’ll get the latest videos and shots from every mission and blogs from Ross and Tom.

Source: Storm Surfers

Professional Longboard Association: big boards, big fins

The Professional Longboard Association kicked off its 2010 season two weeks ago, and couldn’t have asked for a more exciting event, as surfers and PLA staff were flooded with Tsunami warnings, and higher than usual tides and waves caused by the earthquake in Chile.

The first two rounds of OB Pro was smooth and on schedule, but as the day wore on and the women started to compete, the Tsunami weather kicked in and put a hold on the contest for about thirty min. Luckily the clouds opened up and the contest was able to resume. The second day, started off just like the first day ended, as the contest saw high tides and big waves that closed the pier, and kept PLA staff and surfers off the beach for the better part of the day. With large waves, and confident surfers the PLA was able to run a successful event through all the natural weather conditions.


Tyler Wright: chat after surf

In anticipation of the Boost Surf Sho on March 12th 2010, Australian surfing prodigies Tyler and Mikey Wright will be joining Habbo Australia ( – the world’s most popular virtual world for teenagers – live on Thursday 11th March 2010 at 6PM AEST to discuss life in between the waves.

This unique opportunity will give fans the chance to discuss all things surfing with two of Australia’s youngest and most talented female and male junior surfers, as they prepare to surf with the world’s best at the largest aerial surf event, The Boost Surf Sho.

At only 15 years of age, Tyler is the youngest ever winner of an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s World Tour, the Beachly Classic. Mikey, now at age 13 was one of the world’s youngest sponsored surfers at age 8. Both Mickey and Tyler will discuss with Habbo users their dreams to follow the success of their brother Owen Wright, who is seeded 32 in the world.