Schroff Surfboards: do your remember the early 80's ads?

If you surfed in the 80s you either rode a surfboard designed by Peter Schroff, knew someone who did, or you wanted one. Schroff Surfboards is back and Peter is back in Costa Mesa shaping on the 1800 block of Westminster Avenue.

In 2010, Peter Schroff is shaping a completely new line of surfboards that are just as groundbreaking in function and style as ever. According to Peter, today’s surfboard scene is in need of some excitement and identity.

In addition to the most aggressive twin fins and quads available on the planet, Schroff has created a shape called The “Mini Model” that explores the new standard that Kelly Slater has set in terms of board length and a shorter “Egg” style shape that will empower mature, skilled surfers to shred in knee-to-overhead conditions without riding the longer “big guy” short board or a “fun board.”


Gidget is back to surfing

How many Gidgets does it take to premiere a new Gidget movie? Maybe not as many as you’d find Elvises at an Elvis convention, but expect quite a few when Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story makes its Australian debut at the Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing, presented by Golden Breed.

Gidgets on stage for the premiere will include the original Gidget, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, diminutive Californian surf legend Mickey Munoz who doubled for star Sandra Dee in the surf scenes in the 1959 movie, and Australian Gidget Layne Beachley, seven-times world surfing champion. Gidgets in the audience are expected to number in the hundreds, with everyone invited to get into the 1950s Malibu groove and dig out those pedal pushers, frilly blouses and bad Hawaiian shirts.

Gidget’s Girls Night Out, presented by Noosa Longboards, is a night of fun for guys and gals, with live music by Canadian singer/songwriter Kym Campbell, a spectacular 1950s retro swimsuit parade presented by the Karen Neilsen Collection, a chat session with the Gidgets, plenty of laughs guaranteed, plus ‘50s-style burgers and other great dishes available from Parque @ Surf City, the festival’s own licensed bar/café.


Icah Wilmot: always there when you talk about surfing in Jamaica

Jamaica continues to garner top positions in regional surfing as local and regional surf star Icah Wilmot was victorious at the Pan American Surfing Association Event in Cuba over the weekend where he finished in the top spot.

The event was sanctioned by the Pan American Surfing Association and was attended by surfers from Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The surfers competed in Open Surf and Body Board. Icah represented Jamaica in the Open Surf division where he dominated the day’s proceedings with quick radical maneuvers.

The waves were small but Icah who was a crowd favorite, displayed superior wave selection and surf technique to better his opponents and won the first place medal much to the joy of the spectators in attendance.