The Ultimate Wave

Airing Monday, February 8 at 8:00pm ET (5:00pm PT) in Meet & Brotatoes, and re-airing several more times over the next month, FUEL TV will showcase the “The Making of Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D.”

“The Making of The Ultimate Wave Tahiti” is an in-depth look at the first ever IMAX 3D surf film. Featuring nine-time world champion Kelly Slater, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti follows a quest to find the perfect wave-riding experience. Filmed in Tahiti and among the islands of French Polynesia, the film showcases dramatic giant screen surfing action in a unique Pacific paradise.

This show will focus on intricacies of using such a complex camera, the challenges of weather in the tropics, and getting professional surfers to go surf when the conditions are less than ideal. See what happens behind the camera on such a monumental piece of surf film history.


Heitor Alves

It was a thrilling closure for the ASP WQS 6-Star Maresia Surf International. Ronco do Mar beach was completely full to see local surfer Heitor Alves overtake Alejo Muniz in a tight Brazilian Final – 16.07 X 16.00 points.

Heitor Alves, 26 years old, walked away with US$20,000 and received 3,000 points in the ASP One Ranking scoring a combined two-wave total of 16.07 (out of a possible 20) in tricky afternoon conditions while Alejo Muniz, 19 years old, managed to score an 8.17 and 7.83 pocketing US$10.000 and 2,250 points.

They both defeated Brazilian Alan Jones and Hawaiian Sebastian Zietz respectively in the semi finals. Alan and Sebastian finished in 3rd place winning U$5.000 and 1.688 points each. Now the crew will fly to Fernando de Noronha Island for an ASP WQS 6-Star that starts on Tuesday.


Huanchaco Longboard Pro

After an intense Final heat, Rodrigo Sphaier (BRA) conquers Piccolo Clemente (PER) and wins the title of Champion of the ASP LQS 6-Star Huanchaco Pro Peru 2010.

After four days of great surfing, Peru and Brazil found their way to the Final. Rodrigo Shepier and Piccolo Clemente gave it their all during the 35-minute Final, but in the end, the Brazilian found his way to the win and US$8,000 richer and the bearer of the title of champion.

The final day of the Huanchaco Longboard Pro Peru 2010 opened in less than ideal conditions. The waves had ped slightly from previous days, however that simply upped the competition for the remaining heats- four semifinals, all coming down to one spectacular final heat.