Olo of the Sun: 19 feet of pure pleasure

Passion and spirit is what drives Roy Stewart. He's more than a surfer or a surfboard shaper. Stewart is making dreams come true.

That's why this man is developing the "Olo of the Sun", a 19-foot wooden olo surfboard, inspired by the ancient Royal Hawaiian art of pure ocean swell gliding.

Roy Stewart is a purist and spiritual defender of the origins of surfing as a ritual and a sport. The "Olo of the Sun" also links Tarot symbolism and the Solfeggio Frequency 852Hz, the frequency associated with a pure love.

The future 19-foot wooden surfboard will open up new territories which can be surfed. Check out the evolution of the production.

Garrett McNamara: crazy dude | Photo: Wilson Ribeiro

Big wave rider Garrett McNamara and Portuguese surfer José Gregório have surfed the biggest waves seen in Nazaré, Portugal, in the last years.

The 43-year-old Hawaiian athlete discovered perfect conditions for a tow-in surfing session in the town located in the South region of the country. The swell was pumping and McNamara was astonished with the 6-7 metres of water walls.

"I believe that these were some of the heaviest waves ever caught here in Nazaré. They were big, powerful and dangerous. Now I understand what Kelly (Slater) meant when he said that a mistake here could be our last" he told Purofeeling.com.

There's an explanation for these types of waves in Nazaré. Because of the Canyon of Nazaré, a special water channel, waves tend to double their size and deliver amazing surf rides.

The amazing photo above was captured by Wilson Ribeiro.

North Shore: where nothing is small

Big Waves are coming to the Big Screen as the North Shore Surf Film Festival makes plans for three nights of film during the big-wave winter surf season.

Mokuleia Polo Field will host the festivities, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Waianae mountain range. The Festival will be held on December 3rd, 4th and 5th, with feature and short films, DJ and live music on Sunday Night with Titus Kinimaka and the Kauai Boys.

The North Shore Surf Film Festival will open gates at 5 pm on Friday. There will be food and drinks available to the public along with a VIP Reception from 5:30 to 6:30 pm (VIP includes; food, drinks, preferred seating and preferred parking).

On Saturday and Sunday the gates will open at 3:30 pm with an exciting Polo Exhibition beginning at 4 pm featuring Pro Surfer Jaime Sterling and many outstanding Polo Players. During the Festival each evening will screen two feature surf films and selections of short films many of these major award winners and Hawaii premieres.

On Friday Opening Night the Festival begins with the North Shore Premieres of Scratching the Surface, staring Julian Wilson the Australian surfer they say is destines to be the next Kelly Slater. Directed by Matt Beauchesne and produced by the Iron Brothers this film just won Best Surf Film at the California Surf Festival recently. Who Is JOB? Jamie and Mick O’Brien will be on hand to say a few words about this meaningful project.

Big Wave Night is Saturday Night with the most powerful waves of its past years epic El Nino season. Featuring waves of Pi’Ahi and Maverick in the Hawaii Premier of SuperNatural by Powerline Production and Big wave Surfer Derek Dunfee’s Down With The Ship. Dunfee a Big Wave rider broke his leg in 2008 and made a comeback in 2009 he ended up winning the Billabong XXL Award. The most talked about surf film out this year in its Hawaii Premiere is Sea Of Darkness.

The story of Maui’s Mike Boyum and the start of the first known surf camp Gland. These adventure surfers traveled the south seas of Indo where their lives became caught up in a dark life of smuggling. Directed by Michael Oblowitz with Greg Noll, Bob McKnight, Bruce Raymond, Jeff Hackman, Martin Daly and This film has won at nine festivals so far and is up for a Surfer Poll Award.

Coming on Sunday December 5th In honor of Kauai born and legendary surfer Andy Irons, the Festival will premier the Hawaii Premiere of High 5 and the award winning Fly In The Champagne. Transworld SURF's latest and greatest new film High 5, is Directed by Chris Cote who is the Editor at TWS Magazine. This is the first interactive surf flick with a great sequence of Andy Irons.

Fly In The Champagne Directed by Matt Beauchesne shares the great rivalry, deep respect and friendship of Andy Irons and Kelly Slater.

A never seen footage of the Shorebreak tube rider by Andy at last year’s Eddie contest will be shown as well as Andy’s I Surf Because short from Billabong. Special guests will be on hand as well a live musical set from musician and waterman and Titus Kinimaka and the Kauai Boys. This evening is to celebrate a World Champion whose life was taken from us too soon. Rest In Peace A.I.

Funds raised will go to support the Mauli Ola Foundation, North Shore Lifeguard Association, Rell Sunn Bronze Memorial and Hawaii-Polo, Mokuleia.

The North Shore of Oahu remains the world class premiere surf destination and is considered a surfer paradise.