Ricardo Christie: from New Zealand with power | Photo :ASP/Damien Poullenot

The SATA Azores Pro 2014 has entered quarterfinals, in bumpy two-to-three foot surf, at the magnificent Praia de Santa Barbara, in the Azores Islands.

Leonardo Fioravanti, the reigning European junior surfing champion, surprised fans with a victory against Patrick Gudauskas. The Italian kept calm and seized the only two opportunities he was given, including a stunning Hail Mary.

"I'm so stoked; that was such a hard heat. The waves weren't that good but I told myself I had to give everything anyway. I'm on a roll at the moment, I'm just enjoying myself out there and it seems to be paying off," says Fioravanti.


Shooting the pier: exciting and dangerous | Photo: US Open of Surfing/Michael Lallande

Shooting the pier. It's one of the ultimate surfing experiences. The exciting stunt can turn into tragedy, but we're leaving clues on how to navigate through the pilings at 30 miles per hour.

First of all, a disclaimer: This is dangerous stuff, boys and girls. It cannot be stressed enough how much practice and experience a surfer needs to have before attempting it. Riders have been injured, and even killed trying. Don't be that guy.

For shooting the pier, you must know your skill level. Are your maneuvers tight and controlled? Do you have big wave or barrel experience? Can you bail out at the last minute safely and effectively?


Joan Duru: climbing up the wall | Photo: ASP/Damien Poullenot

The Round 3 of the SATA Airlines Azores Pro 2014 has been concluded in perfect three-to-five foot surf at Praia de Santa Barbara, in the Azores Islands, Portugal.

Maxime Huscenot was one of the standouts of day two of competition. The French surfer showed exceptional rail-surfing and a fine aerial repertoire, including a 9.67-point wave in his Round 3 clash.

"That left is super fun and I love to surf on my backside. I knew the backwash today would come into play, so I changed boards. I know two scores is all you need, and I focused on selecting the best options out there," explained Huscenot.