Chest zip wetsuit: hard to take it off

Wetsuits are fragile. In order to make our second skin last longer we need to know how to put it on without tearing the neoprene. Learn how to take off a chest zip wetsuit without help and without looking like a kook.

Putting a chest zip on is almost as difficult as getting it off, especially when it is slightly wet. Sometimes we're just too tired and cold, and we need to speed up the process. As a result, the wetsuit suffers and begins losing its core qualities: flexibility and strength.

High-end wetsuits are tested to resist our impatience, but we should know how to keep in good shape. You don't want to replace panels and start sewing every hole you find.

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Jay Davies: not afraid of beating champions | Photo: Cestari/WSL

Gabriel Medina is out of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2015. Jay Davies knocked out the 2014 world surfing champion from Brazil, at both The Box and Main Break.

The winner of the Trials has reasons to celebrate. Not only Davies defeated Medina, but he is also through to Round 3 of competition, in Western Australia's most dangerous breaks. An impeccable deep tube ride put Jay in the next heat against Mick Fanning.

"I'm feeling super stoked. It's a beautiful day in West Oz, and I get to surf against some of my idols. I watched Gabriel win the World Title last year, and I was pumped to get the chance to surf against him at one of the best waves in the world," said Davies.

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Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2015: Christie's leap of faith | Photo: Cestari/WSL

Infamous waves, breathtaking wipeouts and surfers winning heats with a combined heat score of 4.30 points. Welcome to the first day of competition of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2015, in Western Australia.

The world's best surfers survived the test. The first heats were run at The Box, but the carnage continued later at Margaret River's Main Break with the remaining heats of Round 1.

After watching John John Florence wiping out and winning his heat, Sebastian Zietz found one of the morning's best barrel rides and secured the highest heat total of the day: 15.23 points.

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