Michael Dunphy: from last places to victory

The Sixteenth Avenue Beach in Belmar has seen some amazing events, but this was the most exciting day in the history of the Fosters Belmar Pro, thanks to Hurricane Igor. Rolling sets from four to eight-foot poured into the Belmar beach all day long, creating moments of drama where thousand were on their feet.

This year’s Fosters Pro winner was 20-year-old Michael Dunphy of Virginia Beach. Dunphy jumped from third to first place in the closing minute of the final, with a freight train right barrel that he threaded for a 9. It was just enough to beat Nathan Carvalho, of Lihue, Hawaii. Humphreys was one very happy little man, raising his $5,000 check in front of the Belmar crowd. He also earned another $500 and ratings points toward the Western Atlantic Surf Series.

The ASP rated 1-grade Fins Pro Junior went to Dylan Southworth, 20, of Sayulita, Mexico. He combined a huge floater, frontside hack and a double-grab air-reverse for a 9 and an impossible barrel in the final to easily beat Parker Coffin, of California, Balaram Stack of New York, and Cole Richards of South Carolina. It was also worth 1,000 points toward the World Junior ratings for the 2011 season.

In what may go down as the most historic wave of this event, Jamie DeWitt Baittinger took a huge drop in the Hannah Women's final, and set herself in the pocket for the length of the wave, even pulling under the heaving lip before it ate her alive. It was worth 8.83 points and the win over Ariel and Alexis Engstrom, of Montauk, and Kim Kepich, of Millstone.

In the Pro Longboard, which claimed four boards in three rounds, Tony Silvagni repeated his 2008 win. But Belmar’s, Brian Dalton put on some show, with the locals showering him with support.

The beach was teeming with fans, who made friends, listened to dub reggae, ate tacos, got autographs, and took in the perfect late summer weather. But mostly, they were completely mesmerized by the giant surf of Hurricane Igor. 2010 is in the books thanks to a tremendous effort by Eastern Lines, the town of Belmar, MC Scott Goodwin, the New Jersey surf community, and of course, all the support from Fosters.


Men's Pro
1st Michael Dunphy $5,000
2nd Nathan Cavalho $1,300
3rd Michael Powell $1,100
4th Kyle Garson $1,000

Hannah Women's Pro
1st Jamie DeWitt Baittinger $800
2nd Alexis Engstrom $300
3rd Ariel Engstrom $200
4th Kim Kepich $125

Fins ASP Jr. Pro
1st Dylan Southworth $2,000
2nd Parker Coffin $900
3rd Balaram Stack $700
4th Cole Richards $500

Longboard Pro
1st Tony Silvagni $1000
2nd Brian Dalton $500
3rd Steve Mangiacapre $350
4th John Ashton $250

Surfing in Greece: 400 stoked guysin the country | Photo: surfingreece.piczo.com

The International Surfing Association (ISA), Surfing’s World Governing Authority recognized by the International Olympic Committee, is proud to announce that Greece became its newest member.

The Greek Surfing Association, led by President Stefan Aslanidis is now the National Governing Body of the sport in the Hellenic Republic. “We are very happy and proud about the recognition of the Greek Surfing Association”, said Aslanidis. “Greek surfing is on its very first steps, with a young history of about twelve years and about 400 active surfers. We want to do our best for promoting surfing in Greece.”

Fernando Aguerre, President of the ISA, said about the newest member, “We are very happy to welcome the Greek Surfing Association to the Surfing Movement. Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, is very close to the hearts of all surfers, as an inspiration in both sport and cultural terms.”

Located in southeastern Europe, surfing in Greece is practiced in the Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea, the Athens and Pelloponisos zone, Crete Island and the Greek Islands.

The ISA looks forward to seeing the Greece National Team in our World Championships.


2010 Billabong September Storm Surf Classic: thank you, Igor

The point at Lawrencetown Beach was firing on Saturday for the 2010 Billabong September Storm Surf Classic contest courtesy of Hurricane Igor, which sent stellar waves from the South Atlantic to the shores of Nova Scotia.

The Open Pro began the day’s competition before 8 a.m. this morning with the sun rising, the waters warm and a light offshore breeze.

Pete Devries, who made the trip from B.C. to take in some East Coast action, captured first place and a cool $1,500. Last October, the 27-year-old surfer won the O’Neill Cold Water Classic (CWC) in Tofino, British Columbia. The CWC is a 6-Star World Qualifying Series (WQS) event.

Halifax’s Nico Manos took second place and bagged $700. B.C.’s Noah Cohen finished third and collected $200, while Halifax’s Marty King rounded out the top-4 and took home $100.

The following are the results of all divisions:

Open Pro
1. Pete Devries, Tofino, B.C.
2. Nico Manos, Halifax
3. Noah Cohen, Tofino, B.C.
4. Marty King, Halifax

Men’s Amateur
1. Roman Husiuk, Halifax
2. Keegan Day, Halifax
3. Zak Bush, Halifax

Women’s Amateur
1. Leah Oke, Port Renfrew, B.C.
2. Julie Forbes, Halifax
3. Michelle Richards, Cape Breton Island

Boys Under-18
1. Isaac Norman, Halifax
2. Kyle Watson, Halifax
3. Will Bagnell, South Shore, Nova Scotia

Boys Under-16
1. Colin Colson, Halifax
2. Ross Bagnell, South Shore, Nova Scotia