Boscombe: a nice place to surf

Everyone will understand what should be done in the Boscombe’s surf reef, in order to get quality waves and a reliable ride.

Europe's first reef for artificial waves has been needing a fine tuning, so the Bournemouth council is collecting recommendations from a panel of specialists, academics and sports enthusiasts.

The report will be available on November 2. The best waves Boscombe can offer are still a surfer's dream, but some key tweaks might better thing in this UK town.

Deconstructing the reef is not an option and everyone - from tourism investors to the surfing community - is looking forward to have a major improvement in the Boscombe's artificial wave.

The surf reef is as three million pound investment.

Corona: they know how to sell a beer to surfers

Drinking a beer after a great surfing session is one of those summer salt classics. Who hasn't done it with friends?

The pleasures of surfing and tasting a cold beer were taken in consideration by many surfers from all around the world. As you can confirm below, there are many dudes drinking while surfing.

Or should we say surfing while drinking? The fact is that these examples are more a form of "wakeboard surfing". Someone drives the boat, while you try to balance your body and drink it.

Summer brings new inspirations. Surfing and cold beers have always been married. But, the question remains: why don't your enjoy your beer after a hard-fought surf sessions?

Can you believe what you're about to watch?

...and there's only one thing that could be perfectly added to a surfboard and a beer...

Kelly Slater: this is actually very nice

We've seen him playing golf and we've seen him throwing the first pitch on the baseball season.

But, Kelly Slater never showed us his naked skills.

Well, the 9-time world surfing champion lost his natural shyness and played along with other sports stars for ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue.

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