Eric Geiselman

A great white shark has attacked Eric Geiselman (New Smyrna Beach) while he was surfing off Laguna Road, Santa Cruz.

The 21-year-old pro surfer's board was broken in half.

When he felt he was under attack, Geiselman paddled fast to shore, as he was 50 yards from the beach.

Later, the O'Neill Cold Water Classic California, held very close to the shark attack, got an alert call from the Floridian, who was also competing in the event.

Eric Geiselman, his brother and some friends were not injured.

There are 22 species of sharks documented in the area.


Surf Show 2010

Surf Show 2010 brings you fresh & killer brands, the latest films, break through live music and the best in technical workshops.

The UK’s only Surf Show will be held at the Anson Rooms in Bristol on 24th and 25th April 2010. Expanding to two days the Surf Show will be open to the public and will be the most exciting event in 2010.

The Surf Show showcases surfing and other ocean sports, coastal lifestyle, health and well being. Surf Show 2010 will be stuffed full of the latest fashions, clothes, surfboards, equipment, accessories, live music, art and more.

The Surf Show is also a great opportunity to take part in the many workshops hosted by professionals. The WaveRiders Film Festival will also showcase exclusive film premiers from the UK and around the globe.

“The surf show is a vibrant combination of culture, environmental awareness, life style and entertainment. It is also a brilliant opportunity for the gathering of the UK surf tribes. This is why we support the Surf Show”, says Pete Wilkins, Chairperson of the Bristol Surf Club.


KPWT Brazil

What an incredible day for kitesurfing here in Cumbuco! The double elimination was the call for the day and was held on Duro beach. Skippers meeting began at 08h00 and conditions were looking strong for the day.

Wind was averaging 22 knots and the water was quite choppy, but the waves gave the riders a good chance to kick off and perform some high and powerful tricks.

The heats began just before 09h00 and the race director ran 7minute heats, with 3minute transitions.

Antoine Auriol (FRA, KITELOOSE) looked good today and progressed through 3 heats to meet Eli Zarka (ISR, F-ONE), who was looking in top form himself! Zarka progressed to find himself against a determined Ariel Corniel (DOM REP, OZONE) in a super heat, to the delight of the locals on the beach.

Another great heat was Petr Tyushkevich (RUS, FLEXIFOIL), who is sitting on the top of the freestyle rankings and the second place, Leander Vyvey (BEL, JN). This result will play a huge role in the top positions for the freestyle this year and both riders showed why they were there!

Both riders had a great heat, but unfortunately there was only space for one to progress and today it was Leander’s, meeting Tomas Teixeira (BRA, RRD) in the next round.