Hurricane Earl: the direction of the beast for the next hours

Surfers are checking out the wave conditions throughout the East Coast of USA, as the Hurricane Earl approaches the shore line.

High wave and pounding surf will be expected in many Florida beaches. In Cocoa Beach, for example, surfers are trying to match the tide with the swell. Winds may reach 170 km/h.

Lifeguards had already a lot work. Swimmers and surfers have been rescued.

Also, in Jacksonville Beach, the waves are pretty consistent and the pier is packed with populars and watermen.

The Hurricane Earl is offering long rides and power sets. Please, do not go hit the surf alone or if you have not enough experience.

Check the wave height forecast for the East Coast of USA.

Jeremy Johnston: looking good, dude

Fresh off a win in epic Virginia Beach at the 2010 Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships, Jeremy Johnston continues to be the last guy you want in your heat in any conditions.

Surfing since the trials, Johnston worked his way through the long weekend grind into Sunday's final, which turned out to be head high and firing thanks to Hurricane Danielle.

The win is Johnston's first ECSC title. Earlier this year he took home the 2010 East Coast Scholastic Surfing Championships in his New Smyrna Beach backyard.

Charged up and more focused than ever, keep an eye on Jeremy to make a big competitive push through the rest of the year and into 2011.

Former USA Surf Team standout, Jeremy is no stranger to the international stage. "I feel like I'm just now hitting my prime," he says. "I can't wait to see what kind of damage I can do on both coasts this coming winter."

Victor Ribas: surfing in the upper floor

Australia, Brazil and South Africa are tied in the first place of the Panama ISA World Masters Surfing Championship’s rankings. All their surfers are still alive in the competition that will crown the World Masters Champion this Saturday.

The fifth day of the event took place today in 5 to 7 foot faces. All the divisions went to the water both in the repercharge and winners bracket rounds. Out of the 107 surfers from 21 countries that started the event, 52 from 14 countries remain in the contest.

The finals of the winners bracket in the Masters, Grand Masters and Kahunas divisions were defined today. With this and the Grand Kahunas and Women Masters heats, there are 20 surfers that never lost a heat and are one-step away form the medals. Australia and South Africa has four athletes in this stage, Puerto Rico, Peru and Brazil have three and Panama, France and Tahiti have one.

Carlos Santos (BRA), Andrew Banks (RSA), Juan Ashton (PUR) and Dean Hall (AUS) had great performances today in their Masters division rounds and will be fighting tomorrow for a spot in the big final.

Santos from Brazil won his heat, scoring 15.17 (8.67 + 6.50). He said, “This is great! I was out of the water for six months, then I came here and now I already made it through to the fourth round. Some minutes ago I was thinking I lost the heat and now they are telling me I won, I am really happy about this”.

In the Grand Masters division, Glen Pringle (AUS), Juan Ashton (PUR), Ricardo Villanueva (PUR) and Chris Brooks (AUS) are the only four that never lost and are one step away of the big final.

Ashton, two times Masters World Champion is competing in two divisions and has not lost one single heat. If he has a good day tomorrow, he will be repeating Robbie Page feat in the 2008 edition of the event, by being in the final in two divisions of the same event. “I am confident, it is a matter of getting those two waves that makes you win rounds. I believe in my surfing and in my team. We can win,” said Ashton.

As for the Kahunas, David Malherbe (RSA), Sergio Penna (BRA), Martín Jerí (PER) and Rod Baldwin (AUS) were the ones that made it to the winners bracket final in their division. Jerí scored 14.00 (6.17 + 7.83), he said: “I’m passing my heats in first place against first class competitors from Australia and South Africa, they are really good surfers and with the finals approaching, the pressure increase because you really want to win a medal”.

The repercharge heats were a whole different story from all the winners bracket qualifiers. The nerve wracking situations of the “win or say goodbye” rounds were seen today at Santa Catalina again. Brazilian Victor Ribas, used this pressure to score the highest combination of the day, 16.16 (9.33 + 6.83). The same happened with South African Andre Malherbe who surfed well enough to get the highest single wave score of the day and the tournament so far (9.50).

Also, the Grand Masters repercharge saw yesterday’s surfer of the day, Costa Rican Craig ScheIber, being eliminated by the Argentinean couple of Horacio Ipucha and Sebastián Galindo who played some tactics to have the two-team members advancing. “We started creating the strategy once we knew we were competing together,” said Ipucha. “We worked together with one surfing more open than the other, it ended up working well and we are really happy to still be alive in the event.”