Creed McTaggart: Occy must be proud of you

West Australian charger Creed McTaggart (Margaret River, WA) today claimed the blue ribbon 16 and Under Boys division at the 2010 Billabong Occy’s Grom Comp.

Timing his form peak perfectly, McTaggart was the standout surfer in the final with the polished natural footer displaying all the spoils of a noticeable growth spurt in the last 12 months as he powerfully attacked the punchy 1m conditions at Duranbah Beach (Queensland, Australia).

Going on to post an impressive two-wave heat total of 13.47 (out of a possible 20) McTaggart trumped Eli Steele (Caloundra, Qld – 11.00), Beau Cram (Avalon Beach, NSW – 7.83) and Jake Scott (Maroubra, NSW, 6.50) who finished second to fourth respectively.

“Everyone had been surfing well in the lead up to the final, Eli Steele posted a 10 point ride a few days ago, so I knew I had to be on my game,” said McTaggart.

“I set a goal to try and win the Occy Grom Comp at the start of the year, so it’s a dream come true for me today,” he said.

Meanwhile, it was a double shot for spectators as Jackson Coffey and big sister Ellie-Jean (Crescent Head, NSW) were today crowned champions of the 14 and Under Boys and 16 and Under Girls.

Both siblings dominated their respective finals with Jackson finishing on a combined two-wave heat total of 15.24 points (out of a possible 20) out scoring Michael Wright (Lennox Head, NSW – 12.44), O’Neil Mason (Tahiti – 10.07) and Kai Hing (Wurtulla, Qld – 9.54) who finished second to fourth respectively.

“I’m absolutely stoked to win the finals of the Occy Grom Comp,” said Jackson.

“Celebrating with my sister makes it even more memorable,” he said.

Meanwhile Ellie-Jean also dominated her action packed final finishing with a combined heat total of 13.34 (out of a possible 20) trumping local girls Eden Putland (Currumbin, QLD – 11.60), Brodie Doyle (Rainbow Bay, QLD – 10.80) and Victoria’s Nikki Van-Dijk (Phillip Island, Vic – 6.87) who finished second to fourth respectively.

Shaun Manners (Margaret River, WA – 15.33) showed blistering form to take the win in the 12 and Under Boys division with Lennox Head surfer Zac Wightman finishing runner-up on a score of 13.50 (out of a possible 20) just ahead of Joe Van Dijk (Phillip Island, VIC – 10.67) and Sandon Whittaker (Avoca Beach, NSW – 8.00) who finished in third and fourth respectively and will surely be back next year for another crack at the title in 2011.

Poppke Karelle (Tahiti), 13, flew the international flag today and was crowned 14 and Under Girls champion.

After a blistering display of surfing, Karelle was in a league of her own for the final with a combined heat total of 16.00 (out of a possible 20), almost 10 points more than her nearest competition of Kiani Dobbyn (Palm Beach, QLD), Cali McDonagh (Curl Curl, NSW – 6.00) and Zoe Clarke (Bells Beach, VIC) who finished second to fourth respectively.

In a unprecedented final day surprise, former world champion Mark Occhilupo, three-time world Champion Andy Irons, 2009 World Tour Runner Up Joel Parkinson and legendary former world tour competitor Luke Egan took a handful of lucky competitors into the waves for the biggest SONY expressions session on record.

Boscombe surf reef: a dream waiting to come true

The Boscombe artificial surf reef will try to understand why the £3m project is not performing as it should.

On Tuesday, July 13, Bournemouth councillors will ask what should be made to have 100m surf rides of 15 seconds.

A few months ago, the performance of the Boscombe surf reef was studied in detail by the Plymouth University.

The results were pretty clear: only 33% of the overall objectives were achieved by the new Boscombe surf reef. Let's hope everything gets fine tuned soon.

Here are the standards for evaluating the Boscombe surf reef: 



Whether the wave is surfable or not?

The wave should be surfable (rides lasting >3s) by stand-up surfers of appropriate experience, (Hutt scale 5 and above).

Yes – the artificial surf reef at Boscombe has successfully created a new surfing resource.


Wave Quality

Ride length

≥65m Right

≥20m Left

This ride length must be achieved with some consistency by surfers (e.g. >10% of the rides)

Left – Yes

Right – No


Wave Quality

Wave Form

The expectation is that the reef will produce waves which have, “steep faced (steeper than the neighbouring beach) but rarely barrelling and suitable for competent surfers to execute standard manoeuvres”. A plunging wave is anticipated at take-off.



Wave Quality

Peel angle

70o±10o Left

60o±5o Right

Left – Yes

Right – Partially


Wave Quality

Wave height amplification

≥+20% on ambient levels

Yes – providing the wave conditions are suitable to break on the reef and the tidal state is optimal.



Number of surfable days compared to the beach

The expectation is that the reef will at least match the beach in terms of the number of surfable days.

No – evidence indicates that surfing conditions are less consistent than the beach.


Surfer numbers

Is the reef being surfed?

A lack of surfing by surfers at the reef when conditions are appropriate for surfing at the pier will indicate sub-standard reef performance

No – the reef is being surfed but less consistently than the beach.


Surf Quality

Grade of wave

Quality of surf on a given day is improved using ASR Scale:


4-6: Waves <1m

6-7: Waves >1m

Compared to the Beach:


Generally, the reef is suitable for level 5 surfers and above with level 6 & 7 surfers enjoying a higher number of successful rides:

5-6: Waves <1m

6-7: Waves >1m


Wave Quality

Wave Quality

A low number (between 1 and 5 days/year) of exceptional quality waves are produced on the reef.

Partially successful, although ride length needs to be extended to fully satisfy this condition.


Conformation to design specifications

Physical shape of the finished reef

Crest height: 0m ACD

Length: 120m

Orthogonal Gradient: <1:15 to 1:20

Crest height – No

Length – Yes

Orthogonal Gradient – Yes


Wave Quality

Vortex ratio

A plunging wave with a vortex is only expected during larger wave conditions (Hb>1 m) and primarily on take-off on the right. Given the design orthogonal reef gradient and the grading of the reef it is expected that the vortex length to width ratio should be >2.

Not yet quantified but appears to be consistent with expectation.


Tom Morey's new Rollo: this man is a genius

Tom Morey, the inventor of bodyboarding, has announced plans for the new "MoreyRollo", a rolling skeg that may revolutionise the future of surfboards, kiteboards, wakeboards and sailboards.

The light rubberized foam wheels are less dangerous and thicker than skegs and could better the flow of surf rides. The "MoreyRollo" might be perfect for the Stand-Up Paddle boards as it works like a flywheel.

The "Rollo" designs will evolve to solar powered motorized units. The new technology developed by Tom Morey will not be patented and will become part of public domain.

"They could be made from any number of other materials; sized and shaped innumerable ways. Right now we’re simply getting the idea started", explains Matt Morey, the brand's test rider.

"This is one of those great ideas that come along only so often.  It’s way too big for any one person or firm. You’re more than welcome to run with it; help it along. I’m simply a tiny beach on which this wave from the Sea of Creation first rolled in", adds Morey.