Malibu: a surfing sanctuary

Save The Waves Coalition, in partnership with National Surfing Reserves Australia and the International Surfing Association, is proud to announce the forthcoming dedication of iconic Malibu Surfrider Beach as the first World Surfing Reserve.

The enshrinement ceremony for the Malibu World Surfing Reserve will be held at Surfrider Beach on October 9, 2010. There will be a paddle-out celebration, daytime media event, and evening fundraiser to celebrate this special occasion.

The October 9th event will also mark the commencement of a stewardship and preservation plan for Malibu aimed at building general awareness around the importance of protecting the world’s greatest, most cherished surf spots.

Malibu is California’s definitive pointbreak and one of the world’s first ‘perfect waves’. Following World War II, Malibu helped established directions in technology, surfing style, and the image of the sport that are still followed today. It remains a transcendent name: included in more than 75 surfing films, representative of a Southern California lifestyle, and represented by name on any number of products and businesses.

A Local Stewardship Council, made up of community members intimately familiar with and dedicated to surfing at Malibu, will be responsible for implementing the stewardship plan to protect Malibu’s environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits.

Confirmed members of this Council include local surfing legends Allen Sarlo, Andy Lyon, and Steven Lippman, as well as community members Bill Parr and Michael Blum. Honorable Mayor of Malibu Jefferson Wagner, also known as Zuma Jay, has also voiced his enthusiastic support of the initiative. More stewards will be announced soon.

“The WSR program, inspired by UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, helps the surfing community to identify and preserve surfing heritage through their important surf breaks. Malibu makes any short list of the world’s most famous beaches, and remains a reference point for much of what we think of as style in or out of the water,” stated Michael Blum, President of the Malibu Surfing Association and a member of the Malibu World Surfing Reserve Local Stewardship Council.

Ross Mirkarimi, a California Coastal Commissioner, political leader and early advocate for World Surfing Reserves, announced: “Earlier this year, California took a leadership role to protect iconic surf spots through the California Coastal Commission’s adoption of an important resolution supporting World Surfing Reserves. I am delighted to see this program move forward as it will benefit not only surfers but also the greater coastal community."

This designation of Malibu is the first in a series of World Surfing Reserves planned for the iconic surfing coastlines of Australia, Hawaii and numerous other areas worldwide. World Surfing Reserves are nominated through a selection process and currently there are dozens of proposed WSRs covering nearly every continent on the planet.

World Surfing Reserves are produced through a partnership of Save The Waves, National Surfing Reserves Australia, the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Stanford University’s Center for Responsible Travel (CREST).

David Rutherford: Mexicans are very proud of you

Local Mexican standout David Rutherford (Puerto Escondido, MEX), charged to victory at his home break of the Mexican Pipeline today to clinch an emphatic win at the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido over international standouts Kevin Sullivan (Lahaina, HAW), 23, Casey Brown (Kona, HI), 22, and Ricardo dos Santos (BRA), 20 in excellent four-to-six foot (2-3 metre) high-performance barrels.

The Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido’s unique location of the Mexican Pipeline attracted a big list of up-and-coming competitors, but also included an assemblage of local talent as well as several of the world’s most renowned big-wave surfers.

Rutherford, who was a Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido wildcard, went on an absolute tear on the final day of competition, threading a perfect 10-point ride on an amazing backside barrel in his Semifinal heat before amassing the highest heat total of the entire event in the Final, a near-flawless 18.45 out of 20 to secure the victory.

“I guess I was just trying to get some scores to back me up and they ended up being pretty good scores,” Rutherford said. “I was trying to get one of those big sets, but I never really had the chance to get one of those bombs. I just couldn’t be any happier right now to win.”

The Mexican Pipeline charger was thrilled to clinch the major ASP victory in front of his home crowd to bring this year’s Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido title to Mexico while representing the local surfers.

“I couldn’t be any happier,” Rutherford said. “I’m so happy, I’ve just been having so much fun throughout this event and it feels good to represent for the locals.”

Sullivan raced through incredible barrels on both his forehand and backhand throughout the final day of competition, but was unable to surpass Rutherford’s unstoppable performance for the title but was satisfied with his runner-up result.

“Words can’t even describe how I feel right now,” Sullivan said. “It was hard out there. You pretty much have to just be in the right spot when the waves come because it’s a beachbreak. I got a couple in the final, but I didn’t really get the sets to get the scores, but David (Rutherford) did. I’m stoked for him. To make the Final and have David win, it’s the best day of my life.”

Sullivan, who is hungry to build a seed on the ASP World Ranking, was relieved to capitalize on the invaluable ratings points earned at the ASP 4-Star event in his first professional Final appearance.

“I’m so stoked on this result,” Sullivan said. “I’ve been grinding away for over three years and to make my first professional final after that time, it’s something I’ve worked for my whole life and to live this moment is something I won’t forget.”

Brown, who finished third overall, locked into an impressive righthand barrel to the tune of 9.60 out of 10 in the Final, but was unable to find a backup score to take the win.

Dos Santos charged through the massive swell that ignited the early days of competition as well and finished in an impressive fourth place overall.

Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido Final:
1 – David Rutherford (MEX) 18.45
2 – Kevin Sullivan (HAW) 14.25
3 – Casey Brown (HAW) 13.35
4 – Ricardo dos Santos (BRA) 13.15

The Beach Boys: they still don't know how to surf

The Beach Boys are going to reform to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary.

Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks will make, at least, one gig.

The concert might be held at the Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, at the National Mall, in Washington or in the north shore of Chicago.

"I want to see a hundred date anniversary tour. I want to go all around the world", Al Jardine told the Rolling Stone magazine.

The band who sang about surfing, surfers and beach girls - but that actually hadn't a single wave rider in the group - was formed in 1961. "Pet Sounds" is one the greatest albums ever recorded by The Beach Boys.