Praia do Norte: the Red Chargers will take on Nazaré | Photo: CMN/VEstrelinha

The inaugural Mercedes-AMG Red Chargers will hit Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, in Portugal. The new big wave surfing event may be run between November 3rd, 2015, and February 29th, 2016.

Garrett McNamara will host the competition, but he will also be part of the contest. Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton, Rafael Tapia, Alessandro Marciano, Alex Botelho, Maya Gabeira, João de Macedo, David Langer, and Sérgio Cosme have already been confirmed.

"It is amazing to see this event come to fruition. The goal of creating the Red Chargers is to not only show the world the biggest waves being surfed live in Nazaré but to showcase the men and women who risk their lives and sacrifice so much to follow their dreams," explains McNamara.

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Skyplex: Orlando will have three standing wave pools in 2018 | Photo: AWM

American Wave Machines (AWM) announced the construction of the first surf park in the sky. The Skyplex entertainment complex will feature three standing wave pools in Orlando, Florida.

The theme park capital of the world will pump waves ten stories up at Skyplex, thanks to AMW's SurfStream technology. The new out-of-ocean surf venue will open in 2018.

"With surfing as one of the most aspirational of all sports and recreations, and with Orlando being one of the most visited cities in the world, Sky Surf Park will become a world-class surf destination," explained Bruce McFarland, founder of American Wave Machines.

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View From A Blue Moon: a film with and by John John Florence | Photo: VFABM

"View From A Blue Moon" is the first surf movie shot in 4K. And John John Florence is the star of the film.

The flick's storyline couldn't be more promising. They say we'll see "the sport of surfing as it's never been captured before," as imagined through the eyes of Blake Vincent Kueny.

In the days of online streaming, it's hard to find a feature film in which surfing, waves and surfers take center stage. The cinematographic adventure is always expensive and requires shooting in multiple exotic destinations.

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