Tuamata Puhetini: he knows that reef

Tuamata Puhetini and Nathan Hedge have secured two spots in the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2014, after winning the Air Tahiti Nui Trials, at Teahupoo.

It was dangerous out there with firing barrels exploding onto razor sharp reef. As a result, Kevin Bourez suffered a horrific wipeout, going head first into the reef. A few years ago, the same happened to Keala Kennelly.

Michel's younger brother suffered multiple head fractures, deep facial lacerations, and underwent four hours of surgery. Doctors say he is in a stable condition.


Dave Rastovich: cutting water in the Maldives

Dave Rastovich defeated Taylor Knox to clinch the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy 2014, at Sultan's Point.

The Australian free surfer, 35, opened the final clash against the American rider with a solid 8.60 score. Later he would back it up with 9.10-ride to keep Knox against the ropes.

"If I knew contests could be this much fun, I probably would have been a contest guy, but I don't think there is any other event that is like this one," expressed Rastovich.


RiF010: a 1.5-meter wave in the heart of Rotterdam

Rotterdam will debut RiF010, an artificial river wave located in the heart of the city's shopping center, in the Netherlands.

Dutch surfers have reasons to celebrate. Rotterdam, home to the largest port in Europe, is preparing a 1.5-meter wave in Steigersgracht, a local canal that is part of the river Rotte.

In May 2015, a barreling wave will break in clean water, allowing surfers, bodyboarders, stand up paddleboarders and kayakers a 14-second ride. Unlike the Eisbach river wave in Munich, the Rotterdam wave will be similar to the ocean wave, not a static one.