Luis Vindas: he has taken Costa Rica

With South African Brandon Robert’s win in this 7th date of the Circuit Nacional de Surf DayStar Quiksilver, Luis Vindas of Jaco needed to wait until the last minute for the 5-star points to be tallied to find out that he had indeed won the National Championship Title at La Curva in Playa Hermosa near Jaco.

Both Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos and Gilbert Brown of Puerto Viejo, who were mathematically eligible to win if they won the date, managed to only put themselves in the finals of the event and come in 2nd—Muñoz—and 4th—Brown. The Champion Vindas was the most consistent surfer of the season and for that he became #1 in Costa Rica.

Near 1 p.m., the most anticipated series of the weekend entered the water, in front of 1,500 people, with everybody shouting for their favorite. The Open finals, which included Muñoz, Brown, Luis Castro (Tamarindo) and Roberts, were charged with carrying out the spectacle of the day with waves that surpassed 2 meters in height.

The defending Champion Muñoz was the one who began risking with maneuvers that rewarded him high points once completed. He chose two smaller waves, rights with radical charges that had him leading the group from 10 minutes to 17 of the series, almost to the end of the heat.

Roberts came with a left at almost 9 points that sent him to 1st place with his other wave. Brown, on the other hand, put up a wave at 2 minutes for a score of 8.33 but did not find another one during the run and remained in 4th place for the date.

When the Gran Finals ended, the fans went crazy and lifted Luis Vindas on their shoulders indicated he was the best surfer of the year, and the new Costa Rica National Surf Champion based on the National ranking points this year.

“The truth is that today was the most anguish filled days of my life, because this morning I thought maybe the Title I dreamed of for many years had gone away. Now I am very happy that I am able to say that I am National Champion of Costa Rica,” said Vindas.

Vindas has been running the Open in the Circuito Nacional de Surf for 5 years, and this is the first time he has earned a National Title. He was Runner-Up in 2008, where he made a serious error in the water that saw the crown go to Gilbert Brown.

“Today, earlier I felt just like two years ago when I did an interference to Gilbert in the Gran Finals heat and ended up without the Championship. I felt a little fear and anxiety, but today the things are different and in my favor. This I dedicate to my family and to all of Jaco that have supported me from the beginning of the Championship,” he added.

An unexpected event occurred in the Women’s division, whereby neither Lisbeth Vindas nor Nataly Bernold (both of Jaco) won this date. With a 2nd and 3rd place corresponding in the final series of the event, Lisbeth Vindas was crowned the Costa Rica National Women’s Champion by a difference of 10 points in the final ranking. This is Lisbeth’s eighth National Title.

The series was won by the now resident American Jordan Hundley, followed by Bernold at 2nd, and Lisbeth at 3rd.

“Since the beginning of the season I wanted again to be National Champion because I feel mature in a stage of my race, and the results are tougher to get. Next year I have combined sports plans with personal plans and that is why it seems important to leave with a good track record in 2010,” Lisbeth affirmed.

In Junior, Carlos Muñoz obtained his 3rd consecutive National Junior Surf Championship, a record in this division. He earned this from the semifinals, where he was stopped as a main threat in the event by Anthony Fillingim of Malpais, and Danny Bishko of Esterillos. This is pretty impressive for the 16-year-old to finish the season with a Junior Title and a sub-Open championship, even though he missed some dates this year due to his international commitments.

Today La Curva in Play Hermosa gave off waves of 1 to 2 meters with excellent conditions from the first hours in the morning. It even improved as the afternoon came on with the high tide and Quiksilver and LimeCoral gave $1,500 in prizes to the winners of the Tag Team and the Expression Session, in a unique spectacle for the public from the best surfers of the country.

The Circuito National de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 is sponsored by: DayStar Properties, LimeCoral Apparel Company, Red Bull, 911 Groovy Radio, Quiksilver, Britt Iced, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Mango Skate & Surf, Banzaii Surfboards, Carton Surfboard, Odessa Clothing, Ibarquero Design and Surfos Magazine.

The Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica announced the first date of the Triple Crown of Winter to take place in Santa Teresa called Luz de Vida Surf Challenge. The event, which is the first of three dates, will reward surfers $10,000 cash between winners.

National Champions:
1. Luis Vindas
2. Carlos Muñoz
3. Jason Torres
4. Gilbert Brown

1. Lisbeth Vindas
2. Nataly Bernold
3. Jordan Hundley
4. Mariana Samudio

1. Carlos Muñoz
2. Anthony Fillingim
3. Jordan Hernández
4. Maykol Torres

Junior Women’s
1. Jordan Hundley
2. Elisa Bonomelli
3. Kristel Stanley
4. Leilani McGonagle

Boys (Under 16)
1. Josué Rodríguez
2. Noe Mar McGonagle
3. Eliha Guy
4. Alberto Muñoz

Grommets (Under 14)
1. Noe Mar McGonagle
2. Manuel Mesén
3. León Glazer Williams
4. Kevin Montiel

Grommet Girls.
1. Paola Duarte
2. Leilani McGonagle
3. Arisha Grioti
4. Selena Moberly

Mini Grommet (Under 12)
1. Leonardo Calvo
2. Sean Forester
3. Stone Van Timmeren
4. Storm Van Timmeren

Mini Grommet Girls
1. Paola Duarte
2. Leilani McGonagle
3. Arisha Grioti
4. Cloe Velarde

1. Diego Naranjo
2. Anthony Flores
3. Cristian Santamaría
4. Carlos Muñoz

Master (Over 35)
1. Craig Schieber
2. Carlos Velarde
3. Geancarlo Loría
4. Marco Picado

Grand Master (Over 40)
1. Craig Schieber
2. Carlos velarde
3. Cassio Carvalho
4. Alejandro Monge

1. Giannio Ferrandino
2. Alejandro Vaca
3. Carlos Gallego Pacheco
4. Ernesto Roberth

Open Metropolitano
1. Giannio Ferrandino
2. Alberto Gil
3. Alejandro Vaca
4. Eduardo Guardia

Open Fem. Metrop.
1. Mónica Madrigal
2. Kristel Stanley
3. Kailany Jimenez
4. Paula Soto

Junior Metrop.
1. Alejandro Vaca
2. Felipe Pozuelo
3. Daniel Pozuelo
4. Estaban Morera

Rochelle Ballard: in a yoga state-of-mind

Surf Into Yoga with former WCT pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard is an instructional Yoga DVD, that encourages a growing consciousness of mind, body, spirit, and the footprints we leave on this planet.

With the experience of her brother, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Hoku Gordines and Co-producer, Pro Snowboarder Chanelle Sladics, the film takes the veiwer through five different yoga sequences, from Hip and Shoulder Opener's, to Sun Salutation Vinyasasa's.

All captivated by artistic cinematography that embodies the beauty and essence of Hawaii. Music in the DVD includes tracks by Jack Johnson, John Swift, Donavon Frankentreiter, and Kai Walsh.

Extremehorizon Distribution are pleased to announce the teaming up with Rochelle Ballard and Neu Productions to distribute the DVD "Surf Into Yoga" across the UK and Europe.

Extremehorizon spokesman said of the collaboration, "We are really happy to be working with Rochelle and the guys at Neu productions. Rochelle has been an inspiration to surfers worldwide both on and off the pro-surf circuit so to bring this title to Europe is a real privilege. We're also stoked to be able to manufacture the DVD in the UK and package it in a recycled and bio-degradable cover, limiting the environmental impact."

Check the best yoga poses for surfers.

DVD Information:

Title: Surf Into Yoga w/ Rochelle Ballard

5 Mix Sequences from beginner to experienced

Sequences by: Professional Surfer Rochelle Ballard, Hoku Gordines, Professional Snowboarder Chanelle Slaidcs

Running Time: 70 Minutes, Bonus Running Time: 15 Minutes

NTSC, Region Free

Music by: Jack Johnson, John Swift, Donavon Frankentreiter, and Kai Walsh.

Conner Coffin: how's the weather up there?

Pumping surf upped the ante at the 2010 Surfing America USA Championships on Friday and Sunday (Saturday was a lay day) from Lower Trestles in San Clemente, CA.

Top seeds Kolohe “Brother” Andino, Evan Geiselman, Andrew “Droid” Doheny and Conner Coffin dominated their Round 2 Boys U18 heats Friday, taking the lead with big maneuvers right out of the gate and forcing competitors to chase down their high scores.

Conner went so far as to claim his heat as the best he’s ever surfed at Lowers. “When I get a good score early on I can relax and just get a couple of waves,” but he admits that “it’s a roll of the dice for who can win a contest or heat. It’s great to have [guys like Brother, Evan, Droid and Luke Davis] pushing you and it’s fun to see the younger guys step up and do well.”

As Friday progressed, so did the surfing. Round two of the Boys U16 division saw two perfect scores. One from Kolohe Andino, who appears to be on track for a repeat performance-in 2009 he clinched both, the Boys U18 and U16 Surfing America USA Titles-the other from Parker Coffin for his impressive display of technique, variety and strength.

The pair then came head to head on Sunday during the Boys U16 Quarter Finals. They spent the heat battling for first. Ultimately, Parker triumphed; upsetting Kolohe’s streak of first place finishes thus far in the contest.

The action didn’t stop there. The U18 Girls put on an impressive display of athleticism with Lakey Peterson posting the highest heat total of the day on Friday, an 18.4 out of 20 possible points, only to outdo herself with an air reverse for a perfect 10 on Sunday.

2008 Surfing America USA Champ Courtney Conlogue, competing this year for the last time before she ages out, started her Girls U18 Round 2 heat a little behind the bubble, but came back strong to take the win during the final minutes.

“I got stuck in the lull and was sitting a little too far out for the low tide,” said Courtney. “I definitely made a few mistakes, but I won’t be making those in the next heat and hopefully I’ll make the finals.”

Come Sunday any mistakes Courtney had made were a thing of the past as she blasted through her Girls U18 Quarter Final scoring a 9.17 barrel-ride and 9.5 buzzer beater for the win.

Also, surfing well was defending champ Kaleigh Gilchrist. The Girls U18 Title is certainly not going to be won without a fight. “Everyone in this event is your competition,” adds Courtney. :You never want to underestimate anyone; you could be off and they could be having the heat of their life.”

Rounding out Friday afternoon, media and brand teams took to the water for the Annual PacSun Battle of the brands. PacSun’s Battle of the Brands is a fun, industry, team contest in which each of the Surfing America industry brand and media sponsors select surfers to compete on their behalf.

Competitors included Brand Teams from Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, New Era and Vans. Media Teams represented SURFER, SURFING, Transworld SURF, Fuel TV and Surfline.

Team O’Neill, reigning Battle of the Brands Brand Champion, has won this event every year since its inception three years ago and this year was no exception. However, there was a brief moment after Keanu Asing’s double whammy for team Billabong that O’Neill slipped into second, but it was short-lived.

At the end of the day, O’Neill and SURFING Magazine walked away victorious. For their win, O’Neill gets a special in-store promotion from PacSun. For theirs, SURFING has earned a $10,000 PacSun ad buy.

Bringing Sunday to a stellar close were the groms of the Girls U16 and U14, Boys U14 and U12 divisions. The bombing surf was triple overhead for many of these competitors, but they stepped up to the challenge dropping bombs of their own in pursuit of a 2010 Surfing American USA Championship Title.

Boys U14 Round 2 saw Joshua Moniz pull a 9.5 on his birthday to runaway with the win leaving Kanoa Igarashi and Pat Curren to wrestle for second. With just minutes to go, Kanoa came from behind to advance over Curren.

The 2010 Surfing Amerca Championships concludes tomorrow, Monday June 28. In addition to crowning champions in each of the remaining short board divisions and awarding the California State Parks Governor’s Cup, Monday will also feature the Challenged Athletes division with Ryan Levinson from Challenged Athlete Federation, Patrick Ivison with Life Rolls On, Dana Cummings with Amp Surf and others.