International Surfing Day: bring on the grandparents to the wave peak

The International Surfing Day will launch the summer season and spread all over the worldwide beaches on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

The International Surfing Day is a free day of worldwide celebration of surfing, opened to everybody and which allows youngest and eldest, beginners and experts to share a same passion. Numerous events are organized throughout the world in order to make all publics discover surfing as a sport and culture.

There are many activities offered: surf lessons, contests, tests of products, beach clean-ups, concerts, beach parties... and much more.

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Chanel Surfboards: trendy and expensive

Parisian fashion house Chanel has designed a set of surfboards for every fashion victim in the world of surfing.

The trendy haute couture brand founded by Coco created luxury surfboards in the original Chanel classic aesthetic. Black, white and red are the chosen colors.

These unique items were first available in Brazil, but they are already in store for every surfer willing to pay $4000.

The Chanel surfboards are shaped in monochrome carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass and are delivered with a Chanel signature traveling case. Who said surfing wasn't chic?

Chanel was founded in 1909, in Paris, by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Haute couture, perfume, jewelry, accessories and surfboards are part of their full set of product available in hundreds of boutiques and shops.

Chanel Surfboards: no, it is not Channel Islands...

Grandmasters of surf: knowledge is everything

With the grandmasters of surf preparing to dust off their boards and tune their competitive minds, the inaugural Tradies Ocean and Earth Surfmasters is set to arrive at North Cronulla next month.

Seeing the usual crew of weather beaten, salt encrusted, sand blasted, elder statesmen and women competing for ten prestigious titles, the Tradies Ocean and Earth Surfmasters will take place on Sunday, May 16 2010.

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