Alejo Muniz conquers the Oakley Pro Junior in Brazil

Alejo Muniz was today crowned Oakley Pro Junior Brazil champion in front of a mass of screaming fans at Itajai, heralding his bright future in style.

With a building crowd flocking to Itajai in droves, lining up and down the picturesque pier to cheer on the future of Brazilian surfing, the final day of the Oakley Pro Junior Brazil was all that was expected – and more.

Defeating Jadson Andre in a final worthy for any international event, Muniz got the better of his more fancied opponent with a blistering backhand attack.

Outpointing Andre 15.43 (out of a possible 20) to 12.84 in the final, including a brilliant 8.33 (out of a possible 10), Muniz was over the moon with his result.

“I’m so happy,” Muniz said beaming.

“It’s the best day of my surfing career so far – to beat Jadson in front of my friends, family and fans is amazing.”

Qualifying for the Oakley Global Pro Junior Challenge in Bali as well as being crowned ABRASP champion (Brazilian Champion) / ASP South America and pocketing R$9,0000, Muniz cannot wait to get to Indonesia later this year.

“I love surfing in Bali,” Muniz admitted, salivating at the opportunity gifted to him.

“I have only been once, but I can’t wait to surf against the best surfers in the world in some of the best waves.”


Lee Wilson

In a riveting 30 minute final at the Billabong Pro Java in Cimaja with just four minutes remaining, ISC Number 2 ranked surfer Lee Wilson came from behind and took over the lead in a hard fought victory against Number 13 ranked Dedy Santoso, scoring a 8 out of 10 on smallish wave that he literally ripped apart all the way into the beach.

Wilson was behind for most of the final and needed a 6.25 to take the lead, true to his trademark style he didn’t hold anything back, almost landing on top of a large rock on the inside section on his last maneuver. Santoso bravely fought back, but couldn’t get the 8 point wave he needed to regain the lead that he had held trough the majority of the final.

Then to leave no doubt about his intent to claim a decisive victory, the Billabong team rider spotted a worthy wave and again ripped it apart, this time adding an air on the end which got him a 9.0 from the judges, as well as the Coca-Cola ISC Best Maneuver Award. “I’m super stoked to have won the event” Wilson beamed, “Especially in Dede’s (Suryana) home town. The people, waves, and hospitality in Cimaja have been great I’m looking forward to getting back here next year”. Wilson wins Rp 10 million (about $1,000 USD) and tallies up 3,000 ISC Championship points.

Sentoso was a worthy opponent, and jumped out into the lead with a series of huge and stylish turns on several waves, leaving Wilson to search the horizon for a suitable wave for his aggressive style of surfing. The ocean would go flat several times during the final as if to be purposely building up the tension to its maximum level, and then a two or three wave set would roll through to give each competitor a chance to show off their best surfing. The crowd on the beach would go crazy after each maneuver, rooting on their chosen favorite.

Local hero Dede Suryana didn’t make it into the final, but gave a brilliant display of surfing to his home fans in Semifinal 1 against Dede Santoso. Normally unflappable, perhaps the pressure of all the expectations got him rattled at the start as several mistakes got him behind. In the final minutes he needed a score of 9.6 to take the lead and seemed to have gotten it, but fell just short getting a 9.35. He lost by a mere .15 of a point.


Surfing in the Olympics?

The South American Sports Organization (ODESUR) has confirmed that the First South American Beach Games will be held from December 3 to 13 in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay and Surfing is going to be an official sport in this historic occasion.

Recently, Surfing has taken big strides on the long path towards Olympic Games participacion, something first requested by multi Olympic gold medallist Duke Kahanamoku in 1920. In October 2008 Surfing debuted in the first ever International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized Beach Games that were held in Bali, Indonesia. Surfing was the most popular sport according to visitors’ votes on the official event webpage.

Now, in the first ever South American Beach Games, the Olympic Movement has invited Surfing once again in its newest and more and very promising event.

Fernando Aguerre, ISA President, said about the upcoming event: “The ISA is proud and honored to accept to organize the surfing competitions on this Beach Games. This time aided by the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA) our organization will show the world that Surfing is a key sport for today’s youth.

Surfing and its attractive lifestyle are at the centre of beach culture around the world. The inclusion of surfing in these inaugural Beach Games is a very wise move by ODESUR. Millions of surfers in South America are going to be very supportive of these Games.”